Your Nintendo Switch has a Spotify wrapped-style ‘In Ear review’

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Spotify Wrapped Up Such a Simple Idea: It Does Nothing Show people a summary of what they’ve heard over the past year, but in a way that’s full of fun stuff that’s already been said informationAnd oh-so-shareable, It’s a fun way to reflect on the past 365 dayswhich is why More and more companies are capitalizing on the trend, The latest to do so is Nintendo, which launched it Your “Nintendo Switch Year in Review”for 2022. Here’s how to check out yours.

If you haven’t heard of the Nintendo Switch Year In review, you’re not alone. For some reason, Nintendo doesn’t make its Year in Review available directly on Switch, which definitely hinders the number of players exposed to the fun feature. ,I, for one, only found out about it thanks to social media chatter.)

To be fair, Nintendo has a special article discussing it in the Switch’s news tab.But it doesn’t do much for outreach. I had to refresh the news twice to see it, and I only bothered to do that because I already knew about the feature. The average Switch player who jumps straight into the latest game of their choice without bothering with the news may never have known that Nintendo had a feature like Wrapped in store to break up their 2022 gaming.

Nintendo isn’t the only company that does this kind of annual review. Apple Music Replay is also hosted on a websiteinstead of this Apple Music App. Spotify takes the exact opposite approach of Wrapped, making it a mobile app exclusive.

How to look back on your Nintendo Switch year in review

To get started, go to Official Nintendo Switch Year In Review Site, ,If you’re on your Switch, you can open year in review article news section to scan a QR code with your smartphone which will take you directly to the, Once there, click “Get Started,” then sign in to the Nintendo Account associated with your Switch.

From here, you can browse your top games of the year, including the most played games, see Which games have you played for more than three years, which game have you played the most frequentlyYour favorite games of each month from last yearAnd your favorite games logged by time.

Mine is a terrible example, because, truthfully, I’ve hardly played Switch this year. my main gaming endeavor was eldon ringonly using my switch to play a little enter the gun, overcookedAnd breath of the wild, I think I should play for 2023!

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