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Why you Should have Goddess Durga Statue


Why you Should have Goddess Durga Statue

Goddess Durga is one of Hinduism’s most important female deities. She is revered as a destroyer of evil and a people’s protective mother goddess. Devi Durga represents the SHakti, which is positive energy and divine force. She is a manifestation of Prakriti or Shakti in another form.  God Statues of Maa Durga protect your home from negative energy.

People can be protected by the almighty mother goddess from all kinds of bad powers and wrongdoing. People are said to be blessed and protected by the greatest mother goddess.

Many individuals have  Maa Durga Statues in their homes. The supreme mother goddess, according to Vastu Shastra, delivers prosperity, wealth, and love to a family. As a result, if you’ve planned on welcoming the You can have a goddess statue in your home.

In general, the Vastu Shastra, as well as the Vedas and Puranas, suggest specific locations for various Hindu god icons. To ensure that the goddess or god receives their proper speed and can provide you success, one should place the statue of god idols or any other sort of idol according to the recommendations.

If you want to get a maa Durga statue, you can do so from any store. You can purchase a proper statue from an internet store or from a sculpture workshop after a thorough inspection. Alternatively, you can have Hindu god sculptures, stone or wood god statues made to your specifications. Customization is possible. You should purchase an idol that is suitable for your puja space. You’re probably aware of the advantages of having a Durga maa deity statue in your home.

The following are some rules to consider when placing Goddess Maa Durga deity sculptures in your puja room.It is preferable to create a separate puja space in your house. They are your gods as well as your visitors. As a result, do not keep Hindu God Idols in your bedroom. Make a separate enclosure in your home or inside a room that looks like a tiny room if you don’t have enough space for a separate puja room.

The puja chamber should be oriented east. It is the most effective method for obtaining blessings. The puja altar should be placed in the highest area above the bed level.

Never put the idol next to or underneath the toilet.

You should never have three Maa Durga statues in your home at the same time. That is to say, never keep the goddesses Durga, Laxmi, or Kali in the same spot. It has the potential to bring ill luck to your home. You do not need to welcome Goddess Kali into your home if you keep Goddess Durga because they are both manifestations of the same divine power.

You must keep the Hindu  God Statues in order. It’s incredibly crucial. To give the statues their importance, try to arrange them in the order of creation. Keep the holy trinity. Keep the holy trinity of gods, for example, above all other gods since they are the greatest gods and goddesses.

The puja chamber or altar for Maa Durga should be located on the northern side of the reason; if the northern side is not accessible, the change should be placed in the east or northeast corners.

By all means, Hindu god idols should not exceed 10 feet in height.The passageway leading to Maa Durga’s or any Hindu god statue’s location must not be directly opposite the main entrance entryway. At the very least, the symbol’s legs should be at the minister’s chest level.  god statues of Lord Shiva should be placed above or near her.

The goddess Durga deity idols should be placed on a four-legged stage and, in an ideal world, should be placed 1 inch away from the divider. The color of the love spot should be either white, light blue, or lemony green. Purple shading, which is known for aiding reflection and fixation, can also be put on a puja site for close-to-home care.

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