Krishna and Prakshit

Why didn’t Krishna save other sons of Pandavas but only Parikshit, the son of Prince Abhimanyu?

Why didn't Krishna save other sons of Pandavas

Krishna-Well, there are multiple reasons for the same. Let me list them all. However, before we do that it is important for us to understand who is Parikshit.

Parikshit is the posthumous son of Abhimanyu, the legendary Pandava Prince who died fighting in the war. Parikshit was one of the most fabulous kings of India who helped rebuild the country after the Kurukshetra war. It is said that until he was alive, Kalyuga did not even think about entering Hastinapur.

Yet there are multiple questions that arise related to this man. Firstly, why was he made the king despite Yudhistra having a son from his first wife Devika named Yaudheya who survived the war?

If Shree Krishna could revive Parikshit then why couldn’t he revive the Upapandavas? Why was Parikshit preferred over Vrishketu son of Karna? Let’s answer these questions one by one.

Why didn’t Shree Krishna save the five sons of Draupadi?

King Harishchandra lived in the Satya Yuga. He was an honest, noble, and just king. His subjects enjoyed prosperity and peace. He had a queen named Shaivya (also called Taramati) and a son named Rohitashva. Once, while on a hunting expedition, he heard the cries of a woman asking for help. Armed with a bow and arrow, he went in the direction of the sound. The sound was an illusion created by Vighnaraja, the lord of the obstacles. Vighnaraja was trying to disturb the Tapasya (meditation) of the sage Vishvamitra. When he saw Harishchandra, he entered the king’s body and started abusing Vishwamitra. This disturbed Vishwamitra’s Tapasya and destroyed all the knowledge that the sage had acquired during this Tapasya.

When Harishchandra came to his senses, he realized that the sage was extremely angry with him, and apologized. He promised to fulfill any of the sage’s desires to get rid of his guilt. Vishwamitra demanded Dakshina (donation) for the Rajasuya Yagya The king asked him what he wanted in payment. In response, Vishwamitra said, “Give me all that you have except yourself, your wife, and your child.” Harishchandra agreed to the demand. He let go of all his possessions – even his clothes. As he readied to leave his palace with his family, Vishwamitra demanded another donation. Harishchandra said that he did not have any possession left, but promised to make another donation within a month.

Harishchandra started living in penury with his wife and his family. His loyal subjects followed him. When Vishwamitra saw the king with his issues, he started cursing Harishchandra for taking along his subjects (who were a part of the kingdom donated to the sage).

The king then decided to leave the kingdom with his family. To make them go away sooner, Vishwamitra started beating the queen with a stick. When the five guardians of the directions saw this, they condemned Vishwamitra. The sage cursed them to take birth as human beings. These guardian deities were born as the sons of the Pandavas and Draupadi.

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Everyone knows the story of how Harishchandra regained his kingdom, but that is not our focus today. As noted above, since the Upapandavas were cursed celestial beings, they could not stay on Earth for a long time. Hence they were not saved by Shree Krishna.

Why was Parikshit preferred over Vrishketu?

Originally, Yudhistra intended to make Vrishketu the ruler of Hastinapura. However, he declined this offer as he believed that the throne by right should have belonged to Abhimanyu had he been alive( since he was the most capable) and hence the throne should go to his son. Vrishaketu was made the ruler of Anga and Indraprasth.

Who was Abhimanyu?

We all know about the story of this great warrior but not everyone knows that he was an incarnation of Varchasa the son of Chandra. During the Mahabharat period, most Devtas were asked to either incarnate themselves or have their sons incarnate.

It wasn’t practically possible for the moon to leave its abode and hence, his son had to incarnate. However, Chandra Dev was really attached to his son and was reluctant to let him go. After much persuasion from the other Devas, he allowed Varchasa to incarnate under the following conditions:

  • He would only live for 16 years.
  • His bravery on his last day on Earth would give him eternal glory.
  • After Varchasa , his son would succeed to the throne of Hastinapura.

To add on top of all of this he was related to Shree Krishna and was accepted by most of the subjects. Hence Shree Krishna saved Parikshit and not the Upapandavas. Parikshit would be the most accepted and also most capable among all the descendants of the Pandavas. Parikshit along with his son Janmejaya together rebuilt the country after the Kurukshetra war.

Jai Shree Krishna

Har Har Mahadev.

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