When was Lord Shiva born ?

 When was Lord Shiva born ?

Lord Shiva existed long before the clock began to tick. That is why he is referred to as “Kalaatheta.” When I claim he existed before the first second of the clock began to tick, I mean the following:

It was thought that billions of years before the cosmos was formed, there was full darkness everywhere, and it was incredibly dark because nothing was moving. If there was any movement, heat would be generated (quantum of heat depends on what and how much is moving, if the thing was very minute a very minute heat would be generated). The birth of light is due to the heat. As a result, there was full darkness when nothing was moving.

Countless billions of years have passed in this manner, and no one knows how long the cosmos was completely dark (but the primal one). A little sound began to emanate from some corner of the universe on its own at some point in time. 

When was Lord Shiva born ?

This is the first time a sound has been heard by the space that existed at the time. This noise could have been caused by something moving (or vibrating) on its own. This sound was the universe’s first physical reaction to something. This sound is thought to be the beginning of the universe (nadha brahmam).

This was a primaeval sound that sounded like the fifth letter of the English alphabet (“E”). The sound, on the other hand, was like a stream, meaning it continued to pronounce.For a long period, there was ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sound was generated by motion, and that motion created heat, which turned into light, resulting in an explosion that gave birth to the universe. (It’s similar to the modern big bang theory.) 

The cosmos began to form as soon as there was an explosion, and it has continued to form for billions of years. Thus, we have the manifested world (in which we live), the manifesting world (in the edge of the explosion, new worlds are being annexed or born every second), and the unmanifested world (in which we do not live) (the world that is getting formed every second is getting formed by extending itself into the unmanefisted world).

Only a distance of 400 light years has been comprehended by man (and not beyond). The width of the manifested world is beyond man’s wildest imagining. We have no notion what the realm of the unmanifested world is like.

The ancient Tamil Siddhas believed that the universe was created from the seed of sound (beeja aksharam), and that the sound was similar to the letter ‘E.’ As a result, the owner of this sound was referred to as God. Eshwaran was the name of this God.

Swaran + E ( E is referring to the sound that came at the time of creation of the universe and Swaran means the owner of that sound). As a result, the primal sound is E, not Om. ESHWARAN

ESHWARAN Eshwar is the name given to him by Tamil siddhas (in Sanskrit). Shivan or Shiva is Eshwaran.

As a result, we have the following Shiva facts:

He doesn’t have any parents.

He is not comparable in any way.

He exists beyond of time (as he was existing when nothing was moving, he is called “Kalatheta”) We are all born in time and will undoubtedly die in time, but Lord Shiva is the exception (as he was beyond time, he is immortal, and Time itself gets killed by him). When he kills Time itself (we refer to this incident as maha pralayam), everything we perceive around us merges with him and becomes one with him. This procedure is known as “Leenam.” 

Leenam translates to “becoming one with God.” After a few times, Shiva willfully re-creates the entire cosmos from his body, a process known as ‘Gamayathi.’ Leenam and Gamayathi are both represented by the word “Lingam.”

Also, once everything has found its final resting place in Shiva, that is, after the maha pralaya, when everything has become one with him, everything is dead and only one person is alive, and that person is Shiva. He is referred to as a person of the graveyard since he is the lone person alive (last man standing). One day, we shall all be aware of this fact.

Shiva has never been born and, as a result, will never die. TIME is the poison to which we are all subjected. 

Everything degrades due to the passage of time. You can defeat death if you are able to stop time. Only Shiva has the power to stop time, as he is the only one who can make everything in the universe stop moving. When everything comes to a halt, Time comes to a halt as well. 

Remember that we always measure time in terms of a planet spinning around its star. As a result, we lack a universal constant time, but Shiva possesses a universal constant time. His stay in New York coincides with his time in India. His time between his presence in two or more galaxies is immediate, as he travels between New York and India. What a fantastic person he is….. Om Na Ma Si Va Ya, Om Na Ma Si Va Ya, Om Na Ma Si Va Ya,

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