When Lord Shiva almost killed himself for Lord Vishnu

When Lord Shiva almost killed himself for Lord Vishnu

Aadi shakti was born in the home of king Himavan as devi parvati after sacrificing the body of mata sati with yogic force.

When Lord Shiva almost killed himself for Lord Vishnu

Devi Parvati’s family was a Vaishnav family, and she used to worship the three-eyed god for no apparent reason. Everyone was surprised by her behaviour; sometimes she would act like a yogini, and other times she would praise Shiva; it was a strange thing to her family because they worshipped god Vishnu.

When she reached adulthood, her parents began looking for a suitable marriage for her, but she had a strange connection to God Shiva, which she told her parents about. After repeated attempts, her parents agreed to her shiva bhakti.

When Lord Shiva almost killed himself for Lord Vishnu

God Shiva was aware of these events; he already knew everything, but he was attempting to postpone the marriage because, in a former incarnation, Adi Shakti had refused to listen to him and had sacrificed her body, despite the fact that Mata Sati was unaware of her Adi Shakti form.

So deity Shiva did not want to go through the agony of separation once more.

Devi Parvati created a separate place of worship in her castle, using river mud to create shivlings.However, once she completed the shivling, deity Shiva damaged the shivling in Kailash.

Shivaling would collapse again and again, and Mata Parvati would become demotivated, blaming herself and her devotion.

Sage Narada attempted to assist her in resuming shivaling, but she refused.

Several attempts by Sage Narada and Mata Parvati were futile; they were unable to create the shivalingam.

Narayan was lying in chher sagar, perfectly calm and witnessing his closest friend’s stubbornness. He realised that no one in the cosmos could help him, and that he would have to step in.

Mahadev received word that Narayan would now intercede, as the two are always linked. No, Narayan, Mahadev said.But, just like when your best buddy refuses to listen to you, the same thing happened here.

Narayan, disguised as a villager, arrived at the location and created a shivling with his hands.

And Mahadev simply responded, “How can I degrade the shivling you formed, how can I dishonour the creature you fashioned, beloved Vishnu?”

Mahadev and Narayan share this level of mutual respect for each other.They have another level of understanding that we mortals cannot comprehend; both are supreme realities to which we can only bow down.

As a result, Narayan provided a stepping stone for the divine union of mata aadi shakti and parampita shiva. But keep in mind that for the union of Narayan and Mata Maha Laxmi, god Shiva swallowed kalakuta poison.

We all know that Mata Maha Laxmi is the daughter of the ocean, yet the first thing that came from the churning of the ocean was “kalakuta poison.”Shiva swallowed the kalakuta poison, paving the way for the marriage of deity Narayan and goddess Mahalaxmi.

When Lord Shiva almost killed himself for Lord Vishnu

Brahmi ji gave him the moniker neel kantha because his throat went blue after consuming the poison. The holy union of Narayan and Mahalaxmi took place after god Shiva swallowed poison and mata laxmi and several other things came out of the ocean by churning it.

It is said in the scriptures that if one of the holy trimurti’s gods is disobeyed, then all three are disobeyed.What filthy minds like ours can understand, great sages couldn’t.

Infinite exists in two forms.

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