What to gift someone you don’t like, according to Reddit

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subdivision r/GiftIdeas Not only is it a goldmine for gift ideas, but also for play. there is mother in law who rejects every giftbut also rejects the idea of ​​not giving gifts. “somewhat unpleasant” brother-in-law, positions that starting with “Unfortunately, I still have to get this ass a gift.” If you too have some unpleasant gifts in your life, Redditors have suggestions for you.


“Donate in his name, that way he really gets nothing,” a redditor wrote. This is probably the most diplomatic solution, no matter the person or the problem you have.

There are two ways to choose a donation. One is to find something that speaks to the recipient’s interests so at least it feels like a personal or relevant gift, even if they aren’t happy with it. To quote the same redditor: “Oh, you love working with computers so I made a $50 donation in your name to this organization in your city that teaches kids coding or whatever.” If you can’t think of a relevant interest, just donate to a food bank. they needed,

The other option is to choose a charity they will hate, or something that bothers them at least a little bit. girls who code If the coder’s brother is a tad sexist, for example, go nuclear with or center for reproductive rights For someone who is outspokenly anti-abortion.

self help book

Whatever bothers you about that person, there’s probably a book out there about how to fix that shortcoming in yourself or deal with it in others. Taking the high road would be to read this book yourself and talk it over with your doctor. but if you wanna be petty You can give it directly to Gifty,

there is a book called toxic in-laws, You are welcome.

an unpleasant gift

itchy socks, or the itchy sweater. A candle that smells strong, but is perishable. One ugly painting That you ask about coming every time.

a gift that’s really meant for someone else

One of the most evil-genius tips I’ve seen for the worse half of a couple is to give them Gift card to their partner’s favorite restaurant, Your sister gets good food, and your brother-in-law has to suck it up.

Or take it a step further, and just buy them things for their pets, Check out this glow:

I actually found an auto feeder for the cat that was on sale on Amazon, and an annoying puzzle toy. Technically, she’s the person who wakes up to feed the cat in the morning, so I thought I could spin it to be really thoughtful while not really being mean to her at all. It is also an Amazon brand and has bad reviews.

something impossible to criticize

If Your Problem With Gifty Is They Complain About Everything, Give Them framed photos of grandchildren, or, heck, there are pictures printed on a blanket,

something messy for their kids

If you have gifted children—especially young ones—focus your energy there. Amuse the kids with something that’s loud or, even better, make a giant mess. (My brother once called my baby a “glitter sand blast”. You want that kind of gift.)

As many parents have pointed out in these threads, loud gifting doesn’t necessarily have to be the way it is. Kids make noise all the time; Noise is nothing new. And if it’s a battery-Powered toy, they can put an end to the misery by taking out the battery when the child isn’t looking. As parents, they deal with this stuff on a daily basis.

we actually have a Full list of PAsOffensive-offensive child gift options here, You want something that will take up space, such as a giant dollhouse or a couple’s outfit that the baby won’t be able to wear until next year. Or something that creates a chore or expense, such as a craft kit that requires supervision. preferably with slime involved in some way. and shine.

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