What are the stories of Lord Shiva that give you goosebumps?

Long ago, around millions of years ago in Satyayuga (Kriṭayuga), there was a boy named Markandeya who's lifespan was just 16 years.

But he didn't know that, he was always a staunch devotee of Lord, and he always used to worship Lord with all his heart.

As his death came near Lord Yama's descendants came to take his soul away but as Markandeya was near Shivalinga, those descendants of Yama were not able to even go near him.

Later, Yama himself came to take Markandeya, he tried all possible ways, but couldn't. Without having an option he threw his most powerful rope (Yamajāla) to catch hold of Markandeya,

, but as Markandeya was extremely close to Shivalinga which he used to worship, the Yamajāla caught hold of Shivalingam too, Markandeya became extremely frightened and cried out of loud voice.

All of a sudden Lord himself blasted from that Shivalingam kicked the chest of Yamaraj, Yama was dead.

Later all devatās from Vishnu to Agni prayed Lord to give a rebirth to Yama, because without Yama nothing righteous can work, Lord revived Yama and made Markandeya as immortal for eternity.

Here, the essence is that Lord can go to any extent to save his devotee, it was Lord himself who assigned the task of righteousness for Yama, but he himself killed Yama to save his little devotee.

May god bless you with lots of love and happiness' OM Namah Shivay

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