Do you think Draupadi should have taken divorce from her five husbands after they gambled her and didn't save her?

Draupadi didn’t left Pandavas because she knew that by doing so she would have handed over a plain victory to Kouravas. One has to understand why the dice game took place and specially why Draupadi was humiliated.

The dice game was not just another game that Kuru clans played among themselves. It was a conspiracy to snatch the kingdom from Pandavas. Yudhisthira didn’t challenged or invited any one to play dice. He was invited by Kuru king Dhritarastra to play ‘friendly’ dice game.

The invitation was clearly for playing a friendly dice game and not for a war. He was challenged by Shakuni in Hastinapura. It was not that Yudhisthira invited Kouravas to play in Indraprastha and he challenged any one there.

Initially she was targeted to make mockery of Bhima (as Draupadi was wife of enemy) and then they humiliated her further so that Bhima goes against Yudhisthira. Either way they tried to wage a divide among Pandavas.

By making younger brothers to go against Yudhisthira for the sake of Draupadi or by forcing Yudhisthira to declare himself a liar or by forcing Draupadi to give up on Pandavas.

Pandavas were at fault for putting themselves and Draupadi at such condition. They staked their own kingdom and themselves before putting Draupadi at stake. Whatever they did was stupidity and they suffered during dice game and after that.

There was 13 miserable years and the outcome of the war might given them back the honor, kingdom and lasting peace but not the happiness. But even Draupadi knew it who enjoyed her humiliation and who sorrowed over that.

She knew who planned the conspiracy. She didn’t handed over a victory to those who planned it, dragged her and enjoyed her humiliation.