Use This Site to Get Your Instagram Back After Locked Out

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being hacked useless, Invasion of privacy is bad enough, but when hackers decide to lock you out of your account completely, it’s downright cruel. Losing access to your years of Instagram photos, stories, and DMs can be heartbreaking, and until now, it was usually permanent. Fortunately, this may no longer be the case.

There’s more than one way to lose your Instagram keys, but the worst is hacking. Someone figures out your Instagram password, or tricks you into handing over your 2FA code, and suddenly they’re inside your account. A quick password change, maybe even a new 2FA method, and you’re locked out of your account forever.

But hackers aren’t the root of all Instagram lockouts. Of course, they won’t let you in without the password. And if you lose access to the email or phone number you used to reset your password, or send your login code, you’re staring at your Instagram page from the outside, like a beginner. I did not own it.

The next time you lose access to your Instagram account, whether you’ve been hacked or you’ve forgotten your password, there is hope. Instagram recently announced a new site,, which guides you through any steps available to recover your account. While the name in the URL is “hack,” it’s actually for all lockout scenarios, including forgetting your password, losing access to your email or phone number, creating a false account with your information, or if your account is disabled. was given. Instagram also has a “Something Else” category in case your status isn’t listed.

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It’s not a guarantee, but at least Instagram and Meta have an official channel for requesting help with lockouts. In the past, you had to regularly deal with Instagram support, which usually didn’t help: I’ve seen friends lose accounts to hackers without any recourse from Instagram, and it’s frustrating. Hopefully, this feature is an improvement.

In the same announcement post, Meta revealed its “Request help from friends” feature will be rolling out to everyone. If you lose access to your account, anyone can choose up to two Instagram friends to help verify their identity, as long as you can provide a previous password for the account.

Unfortunately, scammers are onto this feature, so be careful. They’ll take over someone’s Instagram, then send you a DM from their account saying Instagram made you one of their recovery accounts. This is false: If the person loses access to the account, they will no longer be able to DM you from said account. Rather, Instagram will be the one to reach out to you if there’s a problem with your friend’s account.

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