Use This Site to Find Almost Any Costume You’ll Like on TV

Image titled Use This Site to Find Almost Any Costume You've Loved on TV

As good as IMDB is for listing who worked on the show, it’s not helpful for giving credit for what each character wore. Unless the shirt, dress or shoe you’ve been eyeing has particularly recognizable qualities, you may not know exactly where to buy it. Here’s a site to help fix that problem.

worn on tv Works exactly as you’d think it would: It lists popular TV shows and the outfits the characters wear on them. The front page is populated with the latest entries, so if you keep up with the shows Worn on TV focuses on, you can find your favorites right away. Otherwise, their show selector makes it easy to find the show—and the costume—you’re looking for.

find out what people were wearing White lotus, successioneven more

say you were watching White lotus And Daphne loved one of the dresses she wore to the dinner. You’ll be on ‘Worn on TV’ White lotus, and scroll through the entries to see if anyone has uploaded it. sure enough, it is here: It’s a Bouquet Dress by Anna Kosturova in Cream and Multi That You Can Choose from Caleixco for $599,

succession Another fun show to browse the clothes on, because there are so many characters. Loaded, Thus, you may like what you are wearing but dislike the price tag attached. in this view, Kendall wore a $330 Studio tee, $750 Eclipse sunglasses, and a $15,000 9kt Tillie McAllister-Smith gold pendant. You know, casual.

Of course, you’re limited to Worn On TV’s existing catalog. If they haven’t covered the show you’re watching yet, or they haven’t uploaded the specific outfit you love, you’re back in the first place. But The list of shows is long,over 300 according to their about page—and it’s updated frequently, so you might just find what you’re looking for.

i found this site Thanks to tiktok creator thunder_cake, a creator known for sharing his favorite sites on the dark web. lucky for us, worn on tv site on the surface web—No Tor browser needed.

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