Today in this Muhurta worship the demon of Hindu religion, know the importance of this day. Vishwakarma Jayanti 2022: Know the importance, Muhurta and method of worship

Digital New Delhi. Being blessed by Hindu religion, he acts like Vishwakarma. Which was chosen on 17 September this year. According to Jyotishacharya, if the Sun reaches from Leo to Virgo, then do Kanya Sankranti.

This Vishwakarma is worshipped. of your vehicle, and tracking too. Such kashaumauta Vish kaskirauramadauradauramaurauraur K V K V V T V V V V V V V V V V V K Adit of Vishwakarma ji is also in 12 Adits and Vedas. Vishva Mata Vishwakarma’s auspicious time, worship and method…

auspicious time
First Shubh Muhurta: 17, 07:39 AM to 09:11 AM
Second Shubh Muhurta: 01:48 PM till 03:20 PM
Good Night Muhurta: 03:20 PM till 04:52 PM

Vishwakarma worship method
Hurry up Vishwakarma.
Then after cleaning the place of worship, take holy place with Ganga water.
– Now the position of a clock will improve.
Then Gauri, the animal of health, pays attention to Ganesha.
– Now Acting and Vishwakarma’s identity or pictorial creature.
Apply mustard seed tilak on the forehead of Vishnu Vishwakarma.
– With note by igniting a lamp.
Now chant the mantras of Vishwakarma, Om Aadhar Shaktape Namah, Om Koomayi Namah, Ommamay Namah, Prithivyai Namah.
In the blessings of the beautiful Vishwakarma ji and Vishwakarma ji by the aarti of all the best and the best of the times.

Dis Kalmar: The complete information about this scheme is on the basis of separate book and hearing. claims that all this information is correct. For complete and complete information subscribe to the respective field knowledgeable (astrologer, vastu shastri).

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