This TikTok dryer sheet ‘hack’ could set your house on fire

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another day another tiktok hacked looks clean and safe but could actually be a total disaster in practice, While some viral hacks actually happen as miraculous as they seemA new suggestion is to make a reusable dryer sheet by soaking a sponge inside One fabric softener solution ,and then tossing it in your dryer) But anything.

a british lady has talked to her local press, claimed that after putting a sponge soaked in fabric softener and water into her tumble dryer, the appliance caught fire overnight. Before this horror story hit the news, device experts were already speaking out against this popular hack on TikTok Warning that it may stain clothes anyway,

Still, TikTok is full of videos of people making “reusable dryer sheets” with sponges and fabric softener. If you’re a CleanTok geek, you’ve probably already seen or will soon see these clips. To get your algorithm right, click here For a video of another Influencer slamming a hack for its ability to leave your clothes full of molten plastic.

He three Reasons you shouldn’t use this tip: Potential staining, melted plastic, and, of course, house fires.

How can you make clothes smell fresh?

This news may be surprising If you’re really intofresh scent” on your clothesBut you really Does not require harsh detergents to clean-dirty laundry, as we mentioned earlier, Simple things like not overfilling your dryer or spritzing your clothes with lavender water before washing them can make your clothes smell nice. without red spots either fire, But avoid using essential oils for this as they can also stain. keep your washing machine Clear, too to maximize its flavor,

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