These 3-Ingredient Pecan Bites Are the Best Party Appetizer

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photo, Claire Lower

One of my favorite Christmastime treats is a three-ingredient dessert called “Rolo Candy”. (At least that’s what my family calls it.) You take a mini pretzel, put an unwrapped rollo on top of it, then heat the candy in the oven until it’s soft. press a pecan half into the chocolate and Let it set, and you have a delightful sweet and salty morsel. (Some people sub in red or green M&M’s for the pecans, but I think it’s a little flashy.)

This little bite inspired me to make the delectable bouche of pecans and cheese you see above. The format is basically the same, except the pecans are whittled down to become the base, the chocolate is replaced with cheese, and the whole thing is crowned with cranberries. If you want to sweeten things up a bit, you can drizzle or even sprinkle a little honey over it. It’s like a plate of cheese in a single bite, and it’s delightful.

The cheese making is your choice, but you can’t go wrong with brie. If you don’t like brie, choose another soft or semi-soft cheese that melts fairly easily, and avoid hard cheeses like sharp cheddar, which can get slimy in the oven. Set your oven to 250℉, then place half of your pecans on a sheet pan, flat side up, Place a slice of Brie on each pecan, Then pop the sheet pan in the oven for a few minutes (three is usually plenty for brie). Cook till the paneer becomes soft and starts oozing slightly. remove the pan from the oven And press a sweetened dried cranberry—or your other favorite dried fruit—into the cheese. if you drizzle with honeyVery willing. Serve immediately, but don’t worry if they cool slightly before your guests arrive. They are equally delicious at room temperature.

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