The Ups and Downs of Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy

Spilling that pump-chai-ni. tom sandoval And james kennedy both have acted vanderpump rules For years – but their bromance has faced its fair share of drama.

While the pair were friends before Kennedy joined the cast of the Bravo series in Season 3, their friendship off camera got off to a rocky start when the England native began sleeping with Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend. kristen doute,

during season 2 pump rule Reunion, which aired in 2014, the Schwartz & Sandy co-owner claimed that he and Kennedy had plans to work on music together and become roommates before he found out about Dutee’s relationship with D.J. Let’s go.

“I’ve actually known James longer than Kristen because me and James have been working on music for the past five months. We were boys. They had broken up and I was there for them,” Sandoval shared. “We formed a band together, he was totally planning on moving into my apartment so we could focus on our music project.”

He continued, “So Kristen basically starts screwing with the guy who would totally turn my life upside down. I was a gentleman, I left her the apartment for her and what does she do? She bangs this guy I’m getting ready to live with. On my bed. With my condom on. Right after they bang I go inside and give her my pants and my underwear. Because I kind of Dude it’s been a pure nightmare.

For his part, Doute claimed in a February 2015 Bravo blog post that Kennedy was friends with both him and Sandoval – and that their relationship blossomed in Sandoval’s absence.

“I didn’t plan on James and I starting dating. He’s been an amazing friend to me and I really thank him for being the tough love I needed after the breakup. He held his hand against my tears.” foot down and asked me to follow the path that Tom already had,” she wrote at the time. “He wasn’t trying to lure me into bed or intimidate Tom—it was a natural transition that Neither one of us had expected nor planned. He became one of my best friends and the chemistry was undeniable.

he’s driving you crazy The author alleged that Sandoval gave Kennedy an ultimatum – continue their friendship or continue dating Duté. While the Michigan native claimed that Kennedy initially chose Sandoval over her, they eventually found a way to get back together.

“James and I naturally fell back into place and made his decision. It’s easy for Tom to play the victim in this situation – that I ‘stole’ his bandmate when the truth is that Tom was using James as his own. Was doing to make the track,” she alleged. “As Tom’s ex-girlfriend, I don’t owe him anything. He was already in a relationship with the girl with whom he cheated on me. It was not my responsibility to deny my happiness because of my sensitivity to it.

While Kennedy and Doute called it quits in September 2015, Sandoval moved on with costar ariana madix and rekindled his bromance with Kennedy shortly afterwards.

The two supported each other in their personal and professional lives throughout the show – Kennedy also opened for Sandoval’s band, Tom Sandoval and Most Extra, in the summer of 2022.

However, their friendship broke down in March 2023 when it was reported that Sandoval was having an affair with costar Raquel Lewis Kennedy’s ex-fiancee. The former SUR busboy slammed the TomTom co-founder for his actions on social media. (Sandoval was in a nine-year relationship with Maddix at the time.)

The music producer shared a screenshot of an article about the affair via Instagram, captioning the post, “Hope you all feel as sick as I do. This explains everything. When a man commented calling Sandoval and Lewis “the most despicable subhumans I’ve ever met”, Kennedy replied, “Correct.”

He later encouraged fans to attend Sandoval’s upcoming concert to taunt him for his infidelity.

“If you’re in Orange County today and you plan to see Tom Sandoval and Most Extra tonight, don’t forget to bring the tomatoes and cabbage, okay?” They said. “You want to get a good aim and you want to squeeze the tomato a bit so it’s a little juicy before you throw.”

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