The ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ trailer shows that being a hero isn’t all fun and games


Mario learns that being a hero is a tough job in the new trailer for “Super Mario Bros. Movie.”

The colorful preview, in which Mario (Chris Pratt) embarks on an adventure to defend the Mushroom Kingdom against Bowser (Jack Black), features a look at some of the most anticipated characters, including Donkey Kong (voiced by Seth Rogan ), Princess Peach (voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy), and Luigi (voiced by Charlie Day).

The new trailer comes more than a month after fans got a glimpse of a teaser trailer that took the internet by storm.

The upcoming film has plenty of references to video games, such as obstacle courses in Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart, along with a trip down Rainbow Road.

Princess Peach in 'Super Mario Bros. Movie'.

The film also gives fans a glimpse of Peach’s palace.

“Super Mario Bros. Movie” is set for release on April 7, 2023.

Watch the trailer below.

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