The mystery of ‘Mario Kart 7”s strange update

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When people talk of Mario Kart in 2022, that’s what most people mean mario kart 8 deluxe for switch. That’s where Nintendo focuses its attention, add new courses and game elements like customizable itemsThat’s why it’s weird to see a new update for a Mario Kart game Not there Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Stranger still, Nintendo’s latest news impresses mario kart 7A game that launched 10 years ago on the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo released a new patch for Quiet mario kart 7 It’s Tuesday, December 13th, and players don’t know what to make of it—partly because Nintendo won’t tell anyone what exactly is in the update. According to the official release notes, mario kart 7 Version 1.2 addresses “several issues” to “improve the gameplay experience”. What this means is anyone’s guess.

And guess what, they have! Twitter user oatmealdom The update is speculated to patch a serious security vulnerability as seen in other Nintendo games shed 2 And animal crossingBecause it’s possible that Nintendo reuses the same code for its first-party titles.

As Nintendo Life explains, the update may also have something to do with Nintendo’s plan to shut down the 3DS eShop next year. It’s unclear what the motive is here, but it could be something Nintendo wanted to update before the eShop’s March 27 expiration date, at which point you won’t be able to install such updates.

No matter what the reason for the patch, Nintendo needs you to keep playing for online and local multiplayer.

Interestingly, this patch is only the second mario kart 7 history. The last update came over a decade ago on May 15, 2012 to fix the shortcut exploit. The update was required for online multiplayer play, but not for single player or local multiplayer:

  • An update has been provided to eliminate the shortcut exploit in woohoo loop, Maka WoohooAnd Bowser’s Castle 1 tracks when they are played in online multiplayer mode.
  • The update is required to play the game’s online multiplayer mode. However, tracks in single-player and local multiplayer modes will not be affected by this update. Players can continue playing in these modes without installing the update.

how to install mario kart 7 Update

To install mario kart 7 Version 1.2, make sure your 3DS is fully updated, or at least running menu version 4.1.0-8U or higher. From there, go to eShop, then search mario kart 7 Updates, to select tap here to download, then wait for the update to install. When it’s ready, you can boot mario kart 7 and should be good to go.

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