The ‘Ideal Temperature’ for Keeping a Festive Poinsettia During the Winter – Houseplant ‘Falega’

Poinsettias are popular houseplants often used in Christmas displays. They usually last four to six weeks, sometimes even longer with the right care. Experts share care tips to follow, including the ideal temperature for maintaining poinsettias.

Dani Turner, Customer Experience Director at online florist Bunches, said: “With its show-stopping red flowers and star-shaped leaves, the classic Christmas poinsettia makes a great festive gift or addition to your home – plus it’s easy to care for .

“Poinsettias need warmth and light, but keep them away from drafty places, including open doors, windy hallways, and open fireplaces.

“Keep your poinsettias in a sheltered location to make sure they’re well suited for bedrooms and living rooms, with ideal temperatures between 15 and 22 degrees.”

If the plant is kept at this temperature consistently, the houseplant will be happy and “puff” as it should. When it comes to plant location, this plant loves sun.

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Dani continued: “If it’s kept in a centrally heated or heated room, you can even mist it to mimic moist conditions like a poinsettia. Finally, a little-known fact is that they thrive in soft water.” water like rainwater which is naturally low in minerals.

“You can collect this outside to water your poinsettia. In areas with hard water, you can boil the water first and keep it for a day.

“The minerals will precipitate instead of mixing with the water. You can also use distilled water or a water filter.

According to Alex Biggart, a florist with 123 Flowers, poinsettia owners should make sure they water directly into the soil, avoiding splashing water on the leaves.

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The expert said that water needs to be able to drain through the bottom of the pot so that the roots don’t rot. Alex said: “A great hack is to place an ice cube on the soil so that it hydrates the plant as it melts.

“Keeping other plants nearby or keeping a humidifier in the room can help maintain a moist environment for your poinsettia to thrive.”

Britons with pets should also avoid this plant altogether as it is toxic to cats and dogs. If a leaf or stem on the plant is broken, it oozes a milky sap that can be harmful to humans and animals.

With the right care, poinsettias should last up to six weeks. However, owners may also go so far as to keep them alive the whole next year in order to aim for fresh blooms of color next Christmas.

If you fancy keeping your poinsettia into the new year, houseplant owners need to cut it back to about 10cm in April and keep it at a temperature of around 13C.

Then, replant it in early May to keep it growing through the summer. During the summer months, a poinsettia will appreciate temperatures of 15C to 18C with lots of light.

Morag Hill, co-founder of The Little Botanical, explained: “During the summer your plant will be completely green and bushy and the red or white color changes we associate with these plants are inspired by the shorter days as the seasons change .

“To encourage a nice strong color at Christmas time, make sure your plant gets a maximum of 12 hours of light from September onwards. This may mean 12 hours of daylight during September. After that they had to be brought into a dark room.

“Feed it once a month with a potassium-rich fertilizer. Whether you want to make the poinsettia the centerpiece of your Christmas table or bring a touch of festive charm to your living space or office.

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