The Cheapest Way to Update Your Christmas Ornaments, According to TikTok

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Christmas tree ornaments are used in some homes to mark major events. Weddings, births, new homes and holidays hang from every branch. They are indifferent, generous, and rarely reconcile—and This is his attraction. otherHowever, see the Christmas tree as an opportunity to flex inner part Design Skillsand for they Tree decorators, new expenses may increase The colors and themes are rotated every year. There is an easier way and more economical way change color and style Your Globe JewelryAlthough.

a hack rocking tiktok right now Promises to help you inexpensively make your tree decorations any color you want: All you need is a standard round jewelry with detachable top, rangular shaped balloons, One pair of scissors and other crafty decorative elements you want to dress up the final product.

Use your scissors to cut off the mouthpiece of the balloon ( dangerous little part you blow), Don’t actually blow up the balloon, though—instead, wWrap the deflated balloon around your ornament and twist the edges together at the top before deflating the ornament back to top. you can trim a little off the top if you want But due to its elasticity and small size when deflated, the balloon must fit snugly. here is one tiktok tutorial To show you how easy it is in practice,

From this point, you can add rhinestones, glitter glue, or whatever else you want to customize the newly colored bulbs. W at the end of the seasonIf you’re ready to put the tree and decorations back into storage, you can Just pull back the balloons—either leave tfrill for added protection against breakage, and then change them out next year for a new color.

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