The Best Privacy-Focused Browsers You’ve Never Heard Of

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There’s no worse time to switch to a browser that respects your privacy more than Chrome. For most people, Firefox or Brave (with a few setting changes) is sufficient. But if you’re after a browser designed solely with privacy in mind, you have better options than those.

Of course, it doesn’t matter which browser you use, you’ll never magically disappear from the Internet. But these four browsers start with privacy-friendly add-ons pre-loaded, and they also claim to send no telemetry data. They’re great if you want to reduce tracking from ad networks and your ISP, but not so much if you’re worried about surveillance from governments.


librewolf is a Firefox-based browser with uBlock Origin Pre-loaded, It doesn’t send any telemetry data back to its developers, and prefers privacy-focused search engines like DuckDuckGo over the usual Google or Bing defaults. You can think of this browser as Firefox, but with more privacy out of the box. It’s available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, but you’ll need to download and install updates manually if you download its installer. Instead, you should install apps via repositories like Chocolatey.

pale Moon

If you want to try a privacy-friendly browser that doesn’t rely on Chrome’s Blink or Firefox’s Gecko engine, pale Moon Worth a shot. The browser is open source and says it doesn’t store any Data—something that most browsers cannot claim in their privacy policies. It works quite well most of the time, but you might face some issues like video loading problem. Pale Moon isn’t a mainstream browser, so you’ll have to give up some of the conveniences of using a popular alternative—for example, the latest extensions may not be available for Pale Moon, and your favorite add-ons may not work. Huh.

snow haze

All iOS browsers are essentially variants of Safari, as Apple doesn’t allow non-WebKit browsers on the App Store. This makes it hard to justify using the Safari alternatives, but still, some prefer the browser. snow haze Stand out. Snowhaze has a built-in adblocker available from launch and claims to prevent all forms of tracking and fingerprinting on the Internet by default. There is also an optional paid VPN available in the browser, but don’t rush to sign up for that. You should do your research on the credibility of the developers if you decide to sign up. we have a guide Helps you check if a VPN is shady or not to get you started.


original Is a privacy-focused browser for Android phones. It’s made by the people behind F-Droid (an alternative app store for Android), and it’s focused on privacy. To get started, you need to download F-Droid Client on your phone and then install Mule from there. Once you do, don’t forget to install ublock origin for more privacy.

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