The 12 Best New Podcasts of 2022

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Feather alabama astronaut, Alabama songwriter Abe Partridge and podcast producer Ferril Gibbs tell a mesmerizing story about preachers and the deadly practice of snake handling, but this show is about the music, and never-before-heard songs from the Appalachians are discovered, who are as wild and free from chains as dealing with snakes themselves. There’s no playbook for storytelling here. It’s packed with the history, science, philosophy, and religion of snake handling, as well as audio from travels, interviews, and snake handling services that sounds so intimate like we shouldn’t be allowed to hear it. It’s Abe’s journey to better understand music and people and places, including a taboo subject (Abe doesn’t judge these believers) with a story that will hook you every minute and some music (perhaps the most punk of all) Rock music will surprise the time) that has never been heard before. It’s not about religion, but about the services that gave birth to this genre and the faith it originated from, and how it was passed from church to church over the years, by people trying to create music in its purest form. Documented for.

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