The 10 Best Wizarding Games You Can Play Instead of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Trailer

I had to start with a classic. All Elder Scrolls The games are excellent if you like role-playing games you can get lost in for days, but for wizards, morrowind Best of the bunch. magic system deep, with players able to mix and match alchemy, mysticism, illusion, and other supernatural skills to create bespoke spells of their own creation. If you want to hang out with other magically inclined individuals in a Hogwarts-style institution, the men and women of the Morrowinds Mage’s Guild will show you the ropes, sell you components, and teach you a trick or three. (Locations in most major cities.) Plus, it’s set in a massive open world like The Game That Shall Not Be Named.

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