Tamamduhamakyan, Ayyah, Tamyarhamdahas, Saraina BJP district president reached Bhopal, claimants submitted resume in Congress office

Digital scale, Shahdol. City Council Member Attitudes Will be happy with the election to become council member and will be at stake to vote. White color is related to the season. Updated all the time. Raja Pratap Singh I election officer of jail of this game is meeting. Who was the one who was chosen to log into the game right there?
vote to vote
In case of joining the live meeting. Vandana Vaindan Vaidyanagar in the blog, in a position to vote effectively for the meeting and election elections.
– In order to perform the correct programmed behavior at the start of the program, perform the correct programmed behavior with the exercise.
– The Good Governance Order of Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1993 was circulated.
– The system enforced and enforced to enforce communication code, cola control communication and section 144.
– The driver of the vehicle will obtain a license from the concerned sub-division of the vehicle, broadcasting and expenditure, the loudspeaker installed on the wheelbarrow bike.
– Suitable for any person, the concerned officer concerned officer and sub-divisional officer analyze for 48 hours, which is favorable for any person.
City Saddol and Municipal Council will revise the seating 5 meeting in Bumrah and Jaisinghnagar. The District Magistrate will preside over the Governor and the District Rajendra will preside. The Election Commission held a meeting.

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