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Solar Eclipse 2022: Today is the last Surya Namaskar of the year, know Sutak period, time and effect


Suitable for sun treatment and good thing.
Today worship or Annaprashan will be done in place of Sun.
The Sutak period of the Sun starts before 12 o’clock.

Solar Eclipse 2022 Date Time in India: The last day of the year 2022 will be closed for 25 days on Friday. Amavasya date has been fixed on this date. Today it would be wrong for the food to be caused by the sun. Suitable for sun treatment and good thing. Kashi’s astrologer Chakrapani Bhatt season, today Khandgrass is the sun treatment. This sun seer is astronomical in the constellation. On the day the Sun sets, Varanasi will be at 04:42 in the morning and the Kalash of the Sun will be at 05:22 in the evening. To see in the same way, Surya looked at 40’s scene. But wait for the sun at the base in case the sun sets. The Sutak period of the Sun starts before 12 o’clock.  Let us let let’s let me let’s come

Halo of Sun 2022: October 25, 04:28 PM
sun of 2022: at 25 hrs, at 05:30
Total time of Khand Grass: 01 Jagran, 13

Surya 2022 Starts of Sutak period: 25, from 03:17 am
Solution of Surya 2022 Sutak period: 25 Oct, at 05:42 PM
Contact with the Sun This is all the time based on New Delhi, the capital of the country.

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2022 in front of the Sun visible
This is a solar eclipse, which will be visible from North-East Africa, Tej and West Tej. It is visible in India like New Delhi, Kota, Bangalore, Ujjain, Varanasi, Mathura etc.

What is Sutak period?
The sound of the Sun 12 hours prior to the Shutak period aura. Good work work even in Sutak period. Getting pregnant while having sex, working while pregnant.

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Sun 2022 time in safety
Town –
1. New Delhi: 04:28 pm- 05:42 pm
2.: 04:49 pm- 06:09 pm
3. Quota: 04:51 PM- 05:04 PM
4. English: 05:13 pm- 05:45 pm
5. Ludhiana: 04:36 pm – 05:29 pm
6. Raipur: 04:31 pm – 05:50 pm
7. 04:42 pm- 05:14 pm

Sun 2022 effect on zodiac signs
Pisces: Pisces born from this Sun can get pregnant at the time of child birth.

Taurus: There is a sum of happiness and prosperity for the people of your zodiac.

Mint: Be aware of the sun and worry.

Cancer: To protect the Sun.

Leo: Vehicle is the sum of happiness and wealth.

Virgo: Being affected by the influence of Sun.

: To you

Scorpio: Your pockets and money will have to be taken care of. Accident may happen.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius: The people of Sagittarius will get happiness.

Capricorn: Position is the sum of prestige.

Aquarius: Work can become a situation of necessity.

Pisces: People of your zodiac should be balanced. The sum of the obstacles of death.

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