Security experts weigh in on Harry’s rejected police bid, car chase

safety first. prince harry And meghan marklesecurity measures are some royal experts richard atich Believes this needs to be addressed in both the UK and US.

A UK High Court judge ruled on Tuesday, May 23, that Harry, 38, would not be allowed to pay for private security for his family on trips to his home country – a move that Atich notably told us weekly is “completely wrong,” adding, “It’s absolutely ridiculous and completely mind boggling.”

Arguing that UK taxpayers should not be funding the couple’s security – as they stepped down from their official royal duties in January 2020 – Attich said Harry has a right as a senior member of the British Royal Family That he has the capacity to appoint some people. as security “regardless of whether he serves the crown or not.”

Stateside, the director of operations for Mobius International Security said the pair – who share son Archie, 4, and daughter Lilibet, 23 months – should have “the protections in the US commercial private sector provision of security,” but that their security Must be “overseen by a UK Met police officer to ensure standards are being delivered, and also have access to intelligence flows from UK intelligence agencies.”

Prince Harry Security

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle John Angelillo / UPI / shutterstock

Since stepping down as senior royals, Harry and Meghan, 41, have lost their royal security detail, a decision the Duke of Sussex said came as a surprise in all his memoirs, Excessive, He also criticized the palace for not taking off his uncle’s clothes. prince andrew of his security privileges amid his sexual assault scandal. Andrew, 63, denied the allegations made by Virginia Giuffre And the matter was settled out of court in February 2022.

Atich noted that Harry and Meghan’s recent New York City car chase only highlights their need for better security. A spokesperson for the couple confirmed We On Wednesday, May 17, the pair and Meghan’s mother, Doria RaglandOn her way home from the 2023 Women of Vision Awards, she was involved in a “relentless pursuit” with the paparazzi. The NYPD later confirmed that there were no collisions or injuries. Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the incident.

Etich explained, “The concern here is that you have a high-profile couple in the public spotlight with serious public interest.” “And the paparazzi will do anything to get pictures of them or follow them to confirm the places they’re going, who they’re meeting with to create the necessary story in the media. And of course, this cat And the situation of the rat is created.

The couple’s security team told We on Wednesday that the chase “could have turned deadly”, although the group’s taxi driver, Sukhcharan SinghThose who took over running the trio in the middle of the incident said their count of the night was “exaggerated”.

Atich said that since the couple’s security fell under “business operations” and not “police protection law”, they were not entitled to receive police escorts and would be subjected to “normal traffic restrictions, road closures and other road users”. close proximity to” should be followed. Knowing this, Harry and Meghan’s team could have taken preventive measures by using blinds in their vehicles or even using “armored vehicles” if concerns were called for.

“But suffice it to say that if drivers start to pull away from the paparazzi, what you’re in for is a heady chase,” he said. “And you’ll have innocent bystanders being knocked over or actually a traffic accident.”

This isn’t to say that Harry and Meghan’s use of a taxi on their way home from the NYC awards ceremony was a bad idea. “When you’re using a yellow New York taxi cab, you become one of hundreds of thousands within a city. You can easily get lost and blend in with the population,” Atich said. “However, if someone sees you getting into your cab, you’ve uncovered a whole mountain of problems and issues.”

While Atiche “pity” the couple at the end of the day, being photographed and followed by paparazzi is a “byproduct of being out in the public domain” for Harry and Meghan.

He added: “If security is an issue for you, you need to make sure that the security is balanced, well trained and handled in the right, proper way. At the moment, all this reaction, the unbalanced reaction of the paparazzi, is only The prospect of such a situation is enticing which can be terrifying for both the couple and others as well.

With reporting by Cristina Garibaldi

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