Sailing Sunset’s Chelsea Lajkani Says Bre Taisi ‘Wants to Kill’ Her

All the biggest 'Selling the Sunset' feuds: From office fights to broken friendships
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backing off! sell sunset chelsea lazcani Did not hold back from giving her opinion about the costar Bre Tisi concerned with nick cannon — and regrets not filtering her thoughts.

“I think she wants to kill me, and I want to live for a very long time. So, you know, I think I’ll keep my distance,” Lajkani, 30, told entertainment tonight In an interview published on Monday, May 22. “I mean, I get it, she doesn’t like me. And some of the things I said were very hurtful. So, I totally own it, and I guess I’m just trying to take a step back, mind your business – stop being a mindless b-h and realize that, you know , Everything is there What does it feel like?

Tension initially escalated between the pair on Season 6 of the Netflix hit, which premieres Friday, May 19. The luxury realtor expressed that she was skeptical of a relationship with the 32-year-old newcomer. masked singer host, 42, with whom she shares 11-month-old son Legendary Love.

“I find the relationship between Nick Cannon and Bre very bad. I think we’re fundamentally very different, you know, and ultimately, the way I live my life is very different from her as a Christian, so I don’t know that we’ll ever be super, super close. Friends or not,” Lazkani told the cameras.

The native of England also alleged that Tiasi learned that all that alum daughter Onyx, now 8 months, was welcomed with lanisha cole via a news alert on her cellphone when the women were off camera together. Several episodes later, the model criticized Lazkani for sharing personal information, noting in Cannon’s defense that “there’s a difference between lying and leaving out”.

“I really don’t care. Do I wish he would have said stuff without finding s–t out on the internet and me coming at him like, ‘What the f–k?’ Yes, but there is no legal agreement,” Tisci explained to fellow costar amanza smith, “It’s not like ‘You have to do XY and Z, you owe me, you owe anything.’ We don’t really have anything like that.

In addition to his children with Tiacy and Cole, 41, Cannon shares 10 other children with five women. He is father to twins Monroe and 12-year-old Moroccan with ex-wife Mariah CareyWith sons Golden Sagon, 6, and Rise Messiah, 7 months, and daughter Powerful Queen, 2, britney belland with twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillian Waris, 23 months, and daughter Beautiful Zeppelin, 6 months abby de la rosa, they welcomed daughter hello mary alyssa scott In December 2022. (The couple’s first child, son Zane, died of a brain tumor in December 2021 at age 5 months.)

Tiesi initially made headlines sell sunset Season 6 when she claimed that Cannon was not liable to pay her child support due to the number of children he had. “The way it works, like, after 10, the court can basically say he can’t pay child support,” she explained. “Or because it is what it is, they can say, ‘We know you can pay X amount for each house.'” (Tisi’s attorney.) Neema Rahmani clarified later us weekly that “there is no limit on child support based on the number of children.”)

The real estate agent also debunked the rumors that she believes wild ‘n out Hosting financially says, “I take care of myself, and if my son needs something or we need something, I can ask. That’s all I have to do. I know he is a good father. And Nick is not my sugar daddy.

Lazkani, for his part, told at on Tuesday that Tiacy is “very happy” with Cannon and therefore it is not her job to judge their relationship. “Take it and get on with it,” he explained. Like, if someone is happy, he is happy. Like, what’s the big deal?”

She continued, “Coming into the season, I knew who Brey was, and I already had some opinions of my own. Negative or positive, it doesn’t matter. We’re all human and we all have opinions on everything.” are, and everyone, quite frankly – whether you give them a voice or not – There is a difference. So, I chose to voice them, because I realized that not only am I obviously making a TV show, but I feel like it.

Lazzakani explained that he realized the error of his ways after “taking a step back” and recognizing that Brea’s feelings were real and not just for the reality series.

“I went in with the approach of, ‘Oh my god, we’re doing a show. Everyone’s talking about it anyway. Like, I see it everywhere. So, I’m just going to say what I think.'” she shared. “But no, it’s a person with true feelings and you can hurt that person, because the difference between online trolls and me is that I’m right in front of your face.”

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