Sailing Sunset’s Amanza Smith Addresses the Chrishell Stause Feud

Updating fans – on more than one topic. sell sunset star amanza smith referred to her and costar Chrishell StauseK’s budding feud as well as giving fans an update on his health.

The real estate agent, 46, announced in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday, May 22, that she was cancer-free after recent biopsy results came back benign. “I know it is very public that Chrishell and I have a little feud right now, however, I also know that she too has been through the pain of losing loved ones to this terrible horrible disease,” Smith wrote. captioned the post, adding that cancer “affects everyone in a very heartbreaking way.”

The Stooges – who tied the knot with their partner g-flip Earlier this month they lost their father and mother, Jeff and Raene Stause — to lung cancer in 2019 and 2020, respectively — after a year of dating.

Smith, for her part, noted that she has “lost many loved ones to cancer.” during season 6 filming sell sunset — which premieres Friday, May 19 — the interior design expert experiences the death of her adoptive father. “Maybe I shouldn’t have said how he passed but how and it’s a very sensitive subject,” she explained in the Instagram post.

Netflix star – who was given sole custody of her and ex-husband ralph brownTwo kids in September 2021 – ended her post by encouraging people to “celebrate life” in the comments section. “Negativity causes illness, everybody remember that… it’s something we don’t want to mess with… love, positivity and happiness really does heal that,” Smith said.

Smith’s Many sell sunset Cast members praised her message in the comments section, including nicole youngwho wrote, “Beautiful inside and out! And an amazing mom! Love you to the moon and back ❤️❤️.” chelsea lazcani And Heather Rae El Moussa [née Young]Meanwhile, many commented with red heart emoji.

Sailing Sunset-S Amanza Smith Addresses the Chrishell Stause Feud

Amanja Smith, Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishel Stause Courtesy of Netflix

In the comments, Smith also clarified why he included the Stooges’ name in his post. She wrote, “He has suffered a great loss from cancer.” “There is a difference and I don’t have the emotional space this morning to listen to anyone or anything that takes this message in anything other than absolutely positive.”

Smith’s post comes a day after she cryptically revealed that she was with the Stooges while filming Season 7. sell sunset Currently running. “I’ve never given anyone a reason why I blocked ChrisShell because I don’t think anyone asked until now,” the Indiana native wrote in the comments of a May 20 Instagram post. sell sunset mold. “Don’t worry I’m happy to share in due time.”

he referred all my Children alum as “T” in another comment addressing Stause & Young’s season 6 drama: “Nicole has been a dear friend of mine for 11 years and T and Nicole’s beef has nothing to do with me. In season six No one sees anything between a T and an I so definitely don’t worry my loyalties lie with those I trust, honest, genuine and kind. I’ll leave it at that.❤️.”

In a third comment, Smith said that “some things have changed a lot and obviously” in her relationship with the Stooges. “Blocking wasn’t petty, it’s triggering for some people to see when you’re hurt or frustrated,” she said. “It’s obviously a sensitive subject for me.”

While the details of the co-stars’ beef remain a mystery, Stause and Young had a feud during the most recent episode of the show. Their drama began when Young brought up a past real estate transaction, claiming that his boss, a former Stause jason oppenheim, only gave the listing to her co-worker because he had a “huge crush on her”. In the original timeline of the play, Stause was married to actor Justin HartleyWith whom he finalized his divorce in 2021.

Stause also claimed that he had seen Young doing drugs in the past, which was denied by his classmate. Young said on the show, “I wouldn’t be accused of being a crackhead by someone who has nothing else to throw at them.”

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