Rijiju: Some retired judges want judiciary to play the role of opposition: Rijiju | india news

New Delhi: Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju on Saturday said a small group of retired judges were acting like activists and encouraging the judiciary to play the role of the opposition, even as he Emphasizes that the government has an excellent relationship with the judges. Supreme Court and Chief Justices of High Courts.
The law minister said, “There are some retired judges, there could be three or four activists, who are part of the anti-India gang.” He said, ‘Some people even go to the court and say ‘Please rein in the government’.
Speaking at the India Today Conclave, the minister objected to members of the Supreme Court collegium making public reports of intelligence agencies about Saurabh Kirpal, an advocate whose appointment as a Delhi High Court judge was recommended by the collegium but opposed by the Central Government on the grounds that his same-sex partner is a foreign national with a history of activism in India.
“If I come across a name for a Supreme Court judge or a High Court judge, there are so many complaints that are always attached to it. So should I make it public?” said the minister.
‘Executive, Judiciary should respect Laxman Rekha’
If a judge has written an adverse remark against another judge, I should not make it public. People holding responsible positions should adopt some honesty, some discipline, some sensible attitude in public life.” Rijiju Said. The minister said that the executive and the judiciary should not weaken the “Lakshman Rekha” that prevents them from coming under each other’s purview.
Stating that he was getting a lot of feedback about ensuring the accountability of judges, he said: “Many people have suggested that National Judicial Appointments CommissionThere should also be a National Judicial Commission to regulate the conduct and procedure of maintenance of courts, governance and conduct of judges. We are all accountable.”
The minister also accused Congress MP Rahul Gandhi of trying to undermine the independence of the judiciary by joining hands with the “anti-India” gang to create an impression that the government was trying to control it.
“Rahul Gandhi or anybody, if they say Indian judiciary has been hijacked, or democracy is over in the country… Judiciary is dead, what does it mean? A deliberate attempt is being made to undermine the intention of the judiciary. “In a way it is a sinister plan,” the minister said, “to publicize that the judiciary has been hijacked by the government. Our judges are not weak, the Indian judiciary is not weak.” Rijiju said that there are “anti-India forces” which are continuously running this campaign both inside and outside the country. “They use the same language that democracy is under threat, human rights are non-existent,” he said.
He said the government was aware of where such groups were getting funds from and “many other things”. “Who are the people organizing events in London or elsewhere? Recently a seminar was held in Delhi, in which some retired judges of the Supreme Court, some senior lawyers participated. The topic of the seminar was accountability in the judiciary and appointment of judges, but the discussion in the meeting was how the government is taking over the Indian judiciary,” Rijiju said.
On the appointment of Chief Election Commissioners and Election Commissioners, the minister said that the judiciary should avoid coming under the ambit of the executive. “The appointment of Election Commissioners is laid down in the Constitution. Parliament A law has to be made,” he said.
“But if the CJI or the judges sit on every important appointment, then who will carry out the work of the judiciary? There are so many administrative matters in the country. So, we have to see that the judges are primarily meant to do judicial work,” he said. Said. ,

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