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Pure 27 Kuon (well water) Ka Jal-pack of 5pc


Pure Ganga Jal for puja (Holi Water -Ganga) Pack of 5

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Kewra वाटर – 100% नेचुरल – (Pack of 5 का पैक)


  • The dilution is bestowed with ample anti-inflammatory agents that cure acne, dry skin, peeling in psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.
  • It controls body temperature effectively by inducing sweating.
  • Its botanical scent gives a quieting effect and helps in mental unwinding.
  • Kewra water may also be used as a cardiotonic that improve blood flow to all tissues of the body.
  • It regulates the heartbeat and recovers the contraction of the heart muscle as well.
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  • Kewra water is inherently endowed with a purifying property, and hence you can use it as a cleanser. It will completely sweep away any lingering dust particles on the skin, owing to pollution, weather and other environmental factors.
  • It has cooling features that soothe irritated skin, visibly lowering redness, swelling and restoring fine skin texture.
  • It can also be sued as a toner that rejuvenates dull and sunken skin from within, giving a fresh and youthful appearance. It opens up the pores on the face and helps the skin to absorb nutrient-rich organic ingredients imbued in them.
  • It also contains hydrating essential oils and plant extracts, that carry innate emollient and humectant characteristics that help in dealing with dry skin.
  • It also works as an anti-ageing agent and minimizes wrinkles, fine lines, sagging in the skin.


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