Poinsettia: The ‘right way’ to water a ‘sensitive’ houseplant – avoid killing it

According to the expert, making sure the houseplant has plenty of humidity conditions can “extend flowering time” for the plant, meaning owners should also mist it daily. Morag said: “This will mean you can enjoy a vibrant, colorful display for longer.”

To spray houseplants, pour some lukewarm water into a spray bottle and spray around the plant’s roots and leaves, making sure to avoid flowers if the plant has them. Do this in the morning so the plant has enough time to absorb the mist throughout the day.

Plant Pro notes: “Your poinsettia will lose its leaves when exposed to sudden changes in temperature. To avoid this, make sure you keep your plant in a location that has a temperature of between 13C to 16C, a radiator Get away from and away from drafts.

“Lack of water can also cause your poinsettia to wilt. Although poinsettias don’t like a lot of water, it’s important not to let them dry out completely. Check the soil regularly and water them when the top layer of soil is dry. Give water

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