PM Modi’s taunt on Rahul: No one can digest India’s success, that’s why he is attacking him. india news

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi on Saturday said India has succeeded as a democracy, thanks to its vibrant institutions that have won global acclaim, but the country is being criticized by some for being unable to digest its success story. Trying to defame.
The PM said, ‘When the country is full of faith and determination and the intellectuals of the world are optimistic about India, then there is talk of pessimism, showing the country in bad light and hurting the morale of the country. This was seen by many in response to Rahul Gandhi’s comment where he spoke of being oblivious to the international community about the erosion of democracy in India.
‘Government will not back down from corruption cases against politicians’
The PM, who was speaking at the India Today Conclave, however, suggested that this (talk of pessimism) should not be allowed to distract from the country’s achievements. “When something auspicious happens, there is a tradition of applying ‘Kala Teeka’, so when so many auspicious things are happening, some people have taken the responsibility of applying this ‘Kala Teeka’,” he said, referring to that tradition. That said, where people put it. Black tika is applied on the forehead of children to protect them from evil spirits. Modi said India has shown the world that democracy can deliver. “The success of India’s democracy and its institutions is hurting some people and so they are attacking it,” he said.
He also took a jibe at the family organisations, saying that the country’s progress was blocked by a few families who, because of their narrow outlook, could not summon the dynamism or creative vision needed to ensure rapid development.
Hitting out at the opposition parties opposing the action being taken by the investigative agencies, the PM said that before 2014 headlines used to be about scams and corruption and now the headlines are that the corrupt have joined hands and are protesting on the streets. Are.
The PM said that the media has garnered TRPs by highlighting corruption cases and they should not shy away from highlighting the action being taken against the corrupt. “You don’t need to strike a balance… there is no need to be fearful… you should show the same enthusiasm with which action is being taken,” Modi said. There was an uproar in the opposition ranks, alleging “misuse” of federal agencies.
Without naming anyone, he made a veiled attack on the Gandhi-Nehru family for the slow pace of India’s development, saying, “The lack of foresight of a particular family has slowed down the pace of the country’s development… Poor out first.” wanted to come Of poverty but this could not happen.
Modi lauded the strength of various institutions of the country, which led to increased participation of people in elections, successful conduct of several elections during COVID-19, strong economy and banking system amid global crisis and administration of over 220 crores against coronavirus. Vaccine dose against. He said, ‘The world realizes that India’s ideas and capabilities are for global good. That’s why the world is saying that this is India’s moment.

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