Plants for spring: 7 ‘hardy’ plants that ‘return year after year’ for a ‘brilliant display’


Gardeners claim these plants are the kind that go unnoticed for most of the year, but that “really pack a punch” from March to May.

The semi-evergreen foliage bursts into bloom, attracting pollinating insects from miles around. The experts said: “Aubrieta is a fuss-free hardy perennial that loves nothing more than a wall crevice or carpeted rockeries. It happily grows in sun or semi-shade, in almost any well on drained soils – even in open or windy sites.

Prunus (Kojo-on-mye)

It is a type of cherry tree and an anticipated sign of spring. While cherry trees are typically thought of as large and bearing pink or white flowers, this type is a neatly compact shrub that only reaches 2.5 metres.

The expert said: “The bare stems are awkwardly bent to form attractive shapes in winter. By spring the branches are filled with pinkish cherry blossoms that flutter like confetti in the wind.

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