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Peace Lily: Houseplant experts share simple tip to ‘encourage new flowers to grow’

Peace lilies produce beautiful white flowers, but as with many plants, they don’t last forever. If you’re looking for a way to encourage new flowers to develop, spoke to Morag Hill, co-founder of The Little Botanical, about the best ways to care for peace lilies. He explained that an important trick is to make sure the plant gets enough light.

Peace lilies, Latin name spathiphyllum, are an incredibly popular houseplant and are known for their large, glossy foliage and delicate white flowers.

Morag said: “Peace lilies are known to bring peace; The white flowers represent the white flag which is recognized as the armistice signal.

“Add a peace lily to your living space to brighten a corner, purify the air, and bring peace and tranquility to your home.”

Peace lilies are known to filter indoor air, increase the humidity level in the home, and help people breathe better. They can also help you sleep better by absorbing airborne mold.

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“Check for adequate drainage of the plant and stop watering it until the soil is dry.

“Generally, plants require less water in winter because they are getting less light. I would suggest checking the thumb weekly and watering only when the top of the soil is dry.

Morag further explained what the thumb test is: “To test whether your peace lily needs a drink, simply press your thumb an inch or so into the soil; If it’s still moist you don’t need to water it, if it’s dry, top it up. We recommend checking the soil once a week.

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Some plants require a certain amount of light or heat to thrive, and Morag reveals the best place for peace lilies in your home.

“Originally from tropical rainforests in Central and South America, the peace lily is a wonderfully exotic, moisture-loving plant. This means it’s an ideal plant for bathrooms and kitchens.

“I would suggest keeping your peace lilies away from radiators or drafts to keep them happiest.”

To the question of whether peace lilies need fertilizing or houseplant food, she said: “Peace lilies are very low-maintenance plants and do not require frequent fertilizing to thrive.

“Feeding them houseplant food once or twice a year should be enough to keep them happy.”

And what about pruning peace lilies? Morag said: “It’s normal to cut these flowers off when the white flowers turn brown. Using clean scissors cut the stem near the pot, this will keep the plant fresh and happy.

“To encourage new white flowers to grow back, make sure your lilies are getting good light.”

Peace lily flowers typically appear in spring, but well-cared-for plants may re-bloom in autumn as well.

Blooming lasts for two months or more and after blooming, a non-blooming period follows.

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