No, the ‘Salad Dressing Cleaning Hack’ Doesn’t Work (But It Does)

No, the image didn't work for the article titled 'Salad dressing cleaning hacks' (but it does)

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you must have seen something Recently online talks about the “salad dressing” cleaning method as a ploy to remove built-up grease and dirt from kitchen surfaces. Some cleaning hacks are solid and others are less useful, This falls into that second category. Even then, you can see it all around and be struck by the curiosity of it allSo let’s talk about it-And a similar way that far Better,

What is the “Salad Dressing Cleanup Hack”?

So named because it uses the base ingredients for a simple vinaigrette, working in a “hack” suggests first removing built-up grease and grime from surfaces. on a fat (like olive or vegetable oil) area, and then using an acid (vinegar) to wipe off the dirt, It is said that oil will attract oil and then vinegar, per house digest“Cuts away dirt and kills bacteria.”

So what’s the point? Although vinegar is known as the hero of cleaning, it’s not the liquid you need when you’re cleaning. oily substance-that’s because Vinegar is polar, meaning it mixes with watery substances, but not oily substances. You can try it if you want, but you’re going to make a mess that you’ll eventually need to clean up with another classic cleaning tool: soap and water. (besides, SoAP is a better disinfectant than vinegar anyway,

What’s a better way to clean up kitchen grease?

Our Recommendation When You’re Dealing With Greasy, Fatty ResidueSo, starting with oilpat dry with paper towel), let it drag dirt, And then wash the entire area with soap and water. it can’t be cute like name “The Salad Dressing Cleanup Hack,” but at least it’ll actually work.

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