No, Metallica Is Not Giving Away Free Crypto

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Metallica ends seven-year hiatus with release of new studio album 72 seasonsSlated to release on April 14, 2023. Fake YouTube Videos Circulating the Web In the midst of announcing the release, according to a report by Forbes, there was what claimed to be a new interview with the band members promoting their new album. The video entices fans with a “Download” QR code on the video, which claims to be the unreleased album. But it is actually a link to a crypto scam.

What is Metallica crypto scam?

The video promotes a QR code that takes you to a Metallica-themed crypto website. It asks you to choose Bitcoin or Ethereum as your preferred crypto, then invites you to the “first Metallica crypto giveaway.” Except that there is no such thing. The scam asks you to enter the giveaway by spending a small amount of bitcoin, and says you’ll “get double that amount back instantly.” unfortunately, have already Victims reported losing around $25,000 in bitcoin To scam

the video was Same logo and channel name original metallica channel, It even has a respectable amount of customers ,19.1K at the time of writing)But nowhere near the 9.21 million from the official channel.

Usernames are unique on YouTube, but channel name can be used by many people, Bad username was actually ,@memetallica” instead of @metallica, and TeaHe The ‘live’ video of the interview has fooled peoplewhen it’s really a Old press interview from COVID lockdown.

in general, large planning Huh are often targeted by scammers who pretend to offer gift or discounted ticket, Always watch out for cleverly misspelled usernames And clever word gameAnd Check with official accounts to see if anythingWhat is being promoted is actually real.

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