Never Empty These Common Household Messes

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there are so smsart methods To use a vacuum other than just running it over your carpet, but there are some things you really shouldn’t be vacuuming., you can avoid spoiling your expensive what machine learning can’t to be empty, Here are the things to always avoid vacuuming:


element electronicsVacuum cleaner maker advises never to vacuum glass, Sharp pieces can cause internal damage, especially if your machine has bags or hoses. If you are worried about shards of broken glass that can harm youTry Some Upgraded Sweeping Hacks henceTo make sure you got it all covered.

large amount of hair

A little hair in your vacuum is okay, and probably unavoidable, But there’s a reason you see stylists sweeping after their shifts: There’s never too much hair. Good for vacuum. Per Element, long hairs can get tangled around your brush and clogged, so you should get rid of most of the bristles before using your machine for the final stretch.


If your vacuum has a lot of dust, you might think it’s safe to suck up a sticky mess as long as the dust doesn’t coat it once it gets inside. According to the elements, don’t risk it. Anything sticky can contaminate the hoses, interior, or brushes, which will create a blockage and may even lead to the formation of mold,

really no fine dust

ultra fine particles,like dust from construction, chimney ash, dirt from a broken makeup palette, or even coffee grounds,can burn your motor And Return to the air as you use your vacuum. They should also be removed elements are called,


According to Reader’s Digest, you should never vacuum the soil. This probably goes without saying, but nothing wet should ever enter regular vacuum (Not only because of the electronic part, but because of the possibility of mold and odor forming, But when you vacuum the soil, specifically, You also run the risk of pushing it deeper into your carpet, causing a stain.


Lastly, don’t vacuum on cords, reader’s Digest says, It may seem like no big deal and at first, it probably isn’t – but after repeated dusting Your vacuum may break the outer part of the cord, exposing the wires inside. yes that goes for your vacuum cord too-Jjust work around it.

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