Manish Rawat – ‘Cash-for-treatment’ scam: Safdarjung doctor’s surgical strike on patients | delhi news

New Delhi: Dr Manish Rawat Sources say that he and his associates were on the radar of the Central Bureau of Investigation and kept under surveillance for over a month. During this period, the Anti-Corruption Unit (AC-III) of the probe agency managed to unravel the intricate chain that the doctor had allegedly set up to evade suspicion.
Call analysis revealed that on March 10, Rawat’s aide Avnish Patel allegedly contacted a woman named Simran Kaur, a resident of Kalyanpuri, and told her that her husband needed a spinal surgery for cervical problems. Sources said that Kaur was instructed that if she deposited Rs 1.15 lakh in a bank account, the surgery would be done on a priority basis.
Similarly, on March 14, Patel allegedly paid Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000 from the attendants of patients named Madan Lal and Shyamu, and Rawat confirmed the receipt of the money. Another middleman Manish Sharma allegedly transferred Rs 30,000 to the account of his associate named Kuldeep. Sources said that this was the amount given as bribe by the family of the patient Syed Ali.
Sources said surveillance and intercepted calls also revealed how Dr Rawat used shell firms to convert the money into legitimate earnings through Bareilly-based Ganesh Chandra. Chandra is absconding.
On March 22, Chandra allegedly called Rawat and asked him to send money for registration of shell companies through Patel. Sources said that on March 23, Patel called up Chandra and told him that as soon as some patients deposited the bribe amount, he would transfer the amount. A source said, “Subsequently, Patel took Rs 35,000 from a patient named Gauri Shankar and deposited it in Chandra’s State Bank of India account. Chandra confirmed receiving the amount and asked Patel to clear the balance at the earliest.” sought.”
Police investigation revealed that Patel also used kickbacks to make payments to third parties on the instructions of Rawat and his wife. Rawat allegedly asked Patel to pay Rs 1 lakh to a travel agent for his and his wife’s Kerala vacation. On March 25, Patel allegedly paid Rs 19,000 to a saree shop on the instructions of Rawat’s wife.
More such transactions are currently being studied by a CBI The team led by Superintendent of Police Nupur Prasad. The agency will also interrogate Rawat’s wife and record her statement. It has charged the accused with criminal conspiracy by invoking provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

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