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The same mistake that broke my left ankle, I’ve been living with my parents during the week, because I’m still—three weeks after the incident—unable to do simple chores or cook for myself in any meaningful way. Not able to. Luckily, my stepmom, Annette, is a very good cook, so I haven’t gone hungry, and really enjoy eating someone else’s food.

I haven’t inherited any of Annette’s genetics, but I have inherited her sandwich-making skills, as well as her knack for adding surprisingly simple little additions that make all the difference. (like putting a damp paper towel To keep it from sliding down the bottom of your soup bowl.) Annette is currently too busy putting sweetened cream cheese on things, a little luxury that costs little but provides a whole bunch of enjoyment. On fruit, on banana bread, on a plain biscuit—sweetened cream cheese gives everything it touches a cheesecake vibe, and it’s a good vibe.

Making sweet cream cheese is easy. Simply let 8 ounces full-fat cream cheese sit on the counter until softened, then mix it with 1/4-1/2 cup powdered sugar, depending on your taste. If you like, you can sprinkle a little vanilla, almond extract, or liqueur. Mash it with a plastic spatula to make it extremely dense and smooth, or hit it with an immersion blender or hand mixer to make it very fluffy and smooth. Now you are ready to add a little sweet luxury to your life.

My personal favorite sweet cream cheese application is pouring it over wine-poached pears, but chilled canned pears are great in a pinch. Breakfast carbs are another obvious vehicle, because who doesn’t want to eat deconstructed cheesecake for breakfast?

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