Lawn Care: The December Gardening Chores We Should Be Doing for Our Grass

Watch for Snow Mold

If we get snow in December, your lawn may be at risk of developing the lawn disease snow mold, also known as fusarium patch. Snow mold is difficult to control and extremely damaging to your lawn. Fusarium patches begin as small patches of dying grass, starting yellow and eventually turning brown, that grow and merge together, covering large amounts of our lawn.

It can be difficult to control, so it is better to prevent than to treat. However, if you see it developing throughout December, there may be a fungicide available to purchase that can be used as a temporary solution and that is trifloxystrobin. Just be sure not to use it if your lawn is frozen solid.

weed out

Weeds may still be growing on your lawn throughout December, so it is important to check your lawn and remove any weeds that may be growing. Weeds often take away the vital nutrients and sunlight your grass plant needs to survive, so it’s important to keep them topped off to minimize the risk of damage to your lawn.

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