Lala Kent reflects on the ‘awkward’ ‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast dynamic

Sexy unique reality show. Lala Kent considering what sets the cast vanderpump rules Among other reality TV stars.

“It’s a group where [if] You sleep with my boyfriend, I’m mad at you and then we become best friends. The dynamic between all of us is very awkward but it’s been incredible to watch,” said Kent, 32, on the first look at her upcoming appearance. impact x nightlineshared exclusively with us weekly,

The Di Dem Lala Beauty founder continued: “And even though we’ve all grown into different jobs and buying houses [and] There are kids, the level of crazy is still there. I mean, we’ve come full circle. We’re back to, ‘Oh my god, someone beat up on someone else’s boyfriend.’ Except the stakes are much higher.

The Utah native was referring to his costars tom sandoval And Raquel Lewis Had an affair for a month while in a relationship with an ex ariana madix, We It was confirmed in March that Sandoval, 40, and Maddix, 37, had called it quits after nine years due to a cheating scandal.

Lala-Kent-Reflects-on--Strange--Dynamic-Among--Vanderpump-Rules--Cast---The-Level-of-Crazy-Is-Still-There- -357
Nicole Weingart / Bravo

latest episode of impact x nightline — which premieres on Hulu Thursday, May 25 — is dedicated to pump rule Controversy and the investment of the fan base in every detail of the play. In addition to sharing her opinion on “Scandoval” during the episode, Kent will discuss her custody battle with her ex-fiancée, Randall Emmetttheir 2-year-old daughter over the ocean.

Bravolebrity’s mom, Lisa Burninghamand brother, easton burninghamThe two recently featured in a documentary that detailed the allegations against Emmett, 52, in June 2022 Los Angeles Times To expose movie title Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing and Vanderpump — Released Monday, May 22 on Hulu.

Although Kent did not participate in the doc, he took to social media to praise the filmmakers.

“I applaud @abcnews @hulu @latimes for finding the truth,” she wrote via her Instagram story on Monday. “My heart goes out to all of their victims, even the ones who haven’t shared their stories yet. So proud of my mom and brother, these brave helpers… any and everyone who remained unscathed I stand with you.

Lala-Kent-Reflects-on--Strange--Dynamic-Among--Vanderpump-Rules--Cast---The-Level-of-Crazy-Is-Still-There- -356

Lala Kent. Rich Polk / NBC

The allegations made in the film claim that the midnight in switchgrass The director misbehaved with his assistants. Martin G’Blaywho sued Emmett for racial discrimination in November 2022, alleging that his former employer once sent him to retrieve something from a hotel safe, which turned out to be a bag of cocaine.

“He’s putting me in a position where I could be arrested,” claimed G’Blae. “And he told us to do it, it was just so impromptu, and that’s the type of s–t I had to do for this person.”

Emmett, for his part, called the film “nothing more than a retribution hit peace” and “a cheap attempt to cash in on the present”. vanderpump rules fever” in a statement Los Angeles Times,

Meanwhile, Kent called his time with the producer a “never-ending f–king roller coaster of torture” in an interview. Los Angeles Times Published on Monday. The Exes split in October 2021 after Lala accused Randall of cheating on her, which he never confirmed.

In addition to speaking out against his ex, the businessman has also slammed Sandoval, 28, and Lewis for their affair.

“I think he’s a narcissistic sociopath, but that’s just my humble opinion and I don’t have a Ph.D.” whatever,” she told Rolling stone earlier this month in Schwartz & Sandy’s Entrepreneur.

during an April appearance Watch what happens live with Andy CohenKent replied that it was a “tie” when asked whether he blamed Sandoval or Lewis more for the affair.

Raquel was [Ariana’s] Best friend and when your man does the dirty you lean on,” she said, calling the former pageant queen “sick.”

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