Kelly Osbourne Tied With ‘Beat Shazam’ Cohost Nick Cannon Over Kids

sharing your knowledge. Kelly Osbourne opened up about the connections made on kill shazam Set with your co-host – and fellow parent – nick cannon,

“It’s so fun working with Nick. It is. He’s such a professional. He came in and just killed it. Like, he was great and it’s really fun working with him, I must say,”38 year-old Osbourne specifically said us weekly While promoting the upcoming season of the hit Fox series.

fashion Police The alum praised Cannon, 42, for the advice she gave following the arrival of her first child.


Kelly Osbourne, Nick Cannon. Lorraine O’Sullivan / Fox

“We are talking [and] I have more questions for him. because i’m just starting out [on giving] Eat [to] My kid and I kept asking him what foods he started with and if — and when — he lets his kids use the iPad and what they see,” she recalled. “And we both miss. share the love for rachel [videos] And we found ourselves singing his songs on the sets, which was great fun.

Earlier this year news broke that Osbourne had become a mother when she welcomed son Sydney with her boyfriend, sid wilson,

The TV host, for his part, is a father of 12. He shares twins Moroccan and 12-year-old Monroe with ex-wife Mariah Carey, that and britney bell Has welcomed three children: Golden, 6, Powerful, 2, and Rise, 7 months. Cannon also shares 22-month-old twins Zion and Zillian and 5-month-old daughter Beautiful abby de la rosa, Native of California and sell sunset‘S Bre Tisi is a parent to son Legendary, 9 months, while he also shares 7-month-old Onyx lanisha cole, rapper and alyssa scott Welcomed son Zane in June 2021, but he died after 5 months. The couple has welcomed a 4-month-old daughter, Halo.

Osbourne and Cannon joined Season 6 of Beat Shazam as temporary co-hosts while jamie foxx and her daughter corinne foxx The actor is out amid health issues. fashion designer revealed We That she had some conditions before going on the gig.

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“So, one of my stipulations in working is that I have to be able to bring my kid with me. If I can’t bring my kid with me, I’m not doing it,” the UK native explained We, “And so he’d come on set every day and I’d take Sydney cuddle breaks where I’d leave the set just for a cuddle and then go back because when he’s not with me that’s what I think about, ‘Is he all right?’ … I just, like, panic. So it is best to have him with you. I know it’s selfish but having her with me – I love it.

Osbourne referred to motherhood as a “very humbling” experience, and said, “My life isn’t about me anymore. My life is about my baby. [I] Realize that I now have a reason to live and to pursue anything. He is my reason, my purpose, my everything.

The singer also discussed how therapy was important to her as she adjusted to parenthood.

“I was really lucky that I went to therapy and I really asked her to teach me everything I could about postpartum. I was really aware of what was happening to my body and Because I had to do everything you’re supposed to do. I literally cried for the first two months that I had this baby because I love him so much,” the TV personality elaborated. “Every time I saw her she made me cry. But what I was suffering from was actually postpartum anxiety.

She continued: “I’m so lucky and grateful that I didn’t have depression. But I did have anxiety. … I worried about every little, little thing and I couldn’t sleep because of it – But now it has become much better.

For Osbourne, taking on a new project has helped her balance being a mother while returning to work.

“It’s an honor to be asked to keep the seat warm while Corinne is away,” she said. “It made me very nervous because she’s so beautiful and she’s so good at what she does. I was like, ‘Can I do this too?’ But the best part of this show – what makes it so incredible – is that just doing music can change your life because they win so much money. I saw so much money being made and it was beautiful to see How their lives changed in an instant.

kill shazam returns Tuesday, May 23 at 8 PM ET on FOX.

With reporting by Cristina Garibaldi

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