Joe Jonas Says He’s ‘Cool’ 15 Years After Split With Taylor Swift

They are much better. Joe Jonas hopes for its reputation as one of the Taylor SwiftK’s ex-boyfriend has improved in the years since they called it quits — but he understands why fans weren’t happy with him at first.

camp Rock The star, 33, joined the brothers Nick Jonas And kevin jonas on Monday, May 22, on the episode of the “Armchair Expert” podcast to reflect on his journey in the spotlight since the early 2000s. host dax shepard The 32-year-old brought up Joe’s history with Swift, asking if he experienced a “crazy” backlash after splitting from the Grammy winner in 2008.

“I hope they like me,” the “Sucker” singer said of Swift’s fans. “Nobody f—ks with Swifties, you know?”

Shepard, 48, joked how cat’s Devoted fans of the actress have filed a complaint against her ex Jake Gyllenhaal, who inspired the breakup track “All Too Well” after their 2010 fling. Joe explained that he knew where Swifty was coming from, given her own pop star status.

Joe Jonas Says He's Cool 15 Years After Split With Taylor Swift

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“We don’t really have a nickname [our fans] But… we get it,” he said. “We understand that they are passionate about their artists and protective, like, ‘It’s my artist, how dare you!’

While the former Disney Channel star said she is now “cool with Taylor,” she admitted her supporters went “crazy” back in the day. “But it has been removed for many, many years,” he said.

The “Waffle House” singer dated Swift for three months before calling it quits in late 2008. That time, miss americana star revealed Ellen Degeneres That Joe left her on the phone—and that call lasted less than 30 seconds.

“For those who expressed concern over the ’27 Seconds’ phone call, I called to discuss feelings with the other person,” the “Burnin’ Up” artist wrote in a MySpace statement about the pair’s split. . “Those sentiments were clearly not well received. I didn’t end the conversation. Someone else did. Phone calls can go on only as long as the person on the other end of the line is willing to talk. Anytime you’re in a relationship for any length of time there are going to be problems.

He added at the time: “Sometimes they make resolutions, other times they lead to a change of heart; This was the case recently.

Swift put her feelings into bold The hits “Forever and Always” and later “Mr.” Perfectly Fine” when she drops the re-released version of the 2008 album in April 2021.

“But that was when I found out about Mr. Change of Heart, Mr. Leave me alone, I fall apart / It takes everything in me to get up every day / But it’s wonderful to see that you’re okay are,” she sings in one verse on the vault track.

Despite their bumpy history, Swift indicated she and her former flame are on good terms on the hit “Invisible String” from her 2020 record folk literature, She sings, “Grinding was the steel of my ax for the boys who broke my heart / Now I send gifts to their children.” (who shares two daughters with wife sophie turner,

When the musicians parted ways, Swift wasn’t the only one to write a powerful breakup anthem. In the Jonas Brothers’ 2009 album, lines Vines and Trying TimesJoe threw some not-so-subtle shade Swift’s way.

“I get a rep for breaking hearts / Now I’m done with superstars / And all the tears on his guitar / I’m not bitter,” he sings in the opening verse of “Much Better,” the single that made Swift big Gave a break “But now I see / All I need / Is that girl in front of me / She’s so much better.”

Joe and his brothers performed the throwback tune with a new twist on the old song during their Las Vegas residency last summer. “I got a rep for breaking hearts / Now I’m cool with superstars,” he sang at a June 2022 concert.

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