Important function of the houseplant specialist is allowing them to ‘grow’ – prune now for ‘bushier’ plants

“Plants will naturally grow toward the light, so you may start to see them bushier and fuller on one side. To avoid this and encourage a beautiful, uniform shape, rotate your plants on a weekly basis.

5. Get them drunk

An important part of a spring houseplant routine is to check whether houseplants need a drink since they are now receiving more light, which means they will probably need more water.

Test the soil by pressing your thumb a few inches into the top layer of soil. If it is dry, then the plant needs a drink, and if it is still moist, this does not happen and you can risk over-watering.

6. A Good Spring Clean

Morag added: “It’s not just your interiors that will feel revitalized and refreshed by a good spring cleaning. Dust may have settled well on the luscious leaves of your houseplants over the winter months, so a good spring clean Will make them a better world.

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