Importance of this knowledge, keep these things in mind. Falgun 2022: Know the importance of this month, keep these things in mind

Digital New Delhi. Falgun is important in Sanatan Dharma. The last gross aura of the Falgun month Hindu calendar, the first part of the Hindu year. According to Falgun menstruation, according to the English calendar it is in February or May. The normal of Falgun will start from 17th February 2022, date 18th October 2022, will be final on Friday.

Falgun is non-meaning inattentive (often observable). From the point of view of yoga, worship of Chandradev along with Shri Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu has special significance. Falgun information. Due to this there should be a change in the diet and lifestyle.

February 2022: date date date date, date date has been released

commercial importance
This is the birth of the moon god, this is the birth of the moon god. Chandradev gets the form of Shiva. Wishes should be born. Shri Krishna duly worships Shri Krishna, Shri Hari Vishnu and Chandra. Falgun information. The same will happen in future years. What is the weather like during the festive season? Recognizing this identity is identity. The beauty of the child form of Shri Krishna about the children of the family members.

take care in falgun
1. One should take bath with Falgun water.
2. Beautiful colors to make colorful and beautiful.
3. Worship Krishna with respect, follow the cradle in worship.
4. It is true that it should be more and more.
5. Drugs in Islam and – from the flesh of the liquor.

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