‘Ideal’ temperature for poinsettia houseplant during winter – ‘extends the flowering time’

Morag said: “With the right care, your poinsettias will last up to six weeks – plenty of time to see you through the Christmas season. However, you can choose to keep them alive year-round and enjoy new colored blooms for next Christmas.” Can aim for.

If you fancy keeping your poinsettia into the new year, houseplant owners need to cut it back to about 10cm in April and keep it in a temperature of around 13C. Then, replant it in early May to keep it growing through the summer.

During the summer months, a poinsettia will appreciate temperatures of 15C to 18C with lots of light. The houseplant expert explained: “During the summer your plant will be completely green and bushy and the red or white color changes that we associate with these plants are inspired by the shorter days as the seasons change.

“To encourage a nice strong color at Christmas time, make sure your plant gets a maximum of 12 hours of light from September onwards. This may mean 12 hours of daylight during September. After that they had to be brought into a dark room.

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