I Did ‘My Absolute Best’ in the Sandoval Relationship

Not about “what if”. ariana madix admitted that there are aspects to his relationship with the ex tom sandoval She reminisces – but she wouldn’t have done anything differently after the split.

“I would say [I miss] inside jokes, being goofy together,” the 37-year-old vanderpump rules the star said on the Wednesday, May 24 episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “Strange, stupid stuff.”

Asked if she thinks Sandoval, 40, misses her the same way, Maddix said yes. “I just feel like someone she goes to for advice on mostly everything [we broke up]I think there’s no way he’s not [miss me],

The Florida native continued: “He’s been making a lot of, like, very questionable decisions over the last two months and now he doesn’t have, like, a sounding board or advisors.”

Ariana Madix reveals what she misses most about Tom Sandoval after their split

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us weekly It was confirmed in March that the former SUR bartenders ended their nine-year relationship after the doctors discovered Sandoval’s affair with the costar Raquel Lewis, The aftermath of the couple’s breakup and cheating scandal was explored during the dramatic Season 10 finale of the Bravo hit.

“I was ride or die for you and I turned my back on him too. The fact that he continues to smile at my face while also smiling on FaceTime with you is one of those most horribly disgusting things.” that I’ve ever heard of,” The Something About Her co-owner told Sandoval during a heated exchange between them. In the May 17 episode of the house. “Why [aren’t] Are you sorry you did this?

Meanwhile, the musician tried to explain his point of view in a confessional interview. “Ariana and I just broke up. We have had such issues since five years,” he claimed. “And we didn’t want it in the world.”

Sandoval and Lewis, 28, have both made public apologies to Maddix for their actions — which will be dished out during the Season 10 reunion special. Fancy AF Cocktail coauthor told podcast host alex cooper on Wednesday that she received another “subpar” apology from the beauty queen at the taping.

“It was like a rehearsed speech,” she recalled. “I was just like, ‘Shut the f—k up.’ … Nothing had clicked, I didn’t feel like it was real.

Maddix continues to open up about her healing journey and hopes for her future — including her budding romance with new boyfriend Daniel Y — since the explosive season finale. When asked if she has any regrets about how her relationship with Sandoval ended, the Bravolebrity provided a unique perspective.

“Honestly, I don’t want to say,” she said. “Because I think, listen — I’ve seen people online saying, ‘She wasn’t right.’ Obviously. ‘He is not innocent.’ Well, I don’t have to be. I was a very committed partner in this relationship… and I feel like I did my best as a partner.

She continued: “I think all I can do is do my best — and whether or not my best was good enough for someone, that was it. Like, yeah, I could trust less. I was more paranoid.” I could. I could follow [him] Or bought pens and batteries, or whatever. But ultimately, I think if I go back and try to, like, change all that stuff — Cana, Vida, Shoda — I mean, I’ll never stop.

While Maddix has been an open book about the breakup, her ex-boyfriend has made relatively little effort to lie. Lewis, for her part, is seeking mental health treatment as the backlash continues.

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