How to tell if an Instagram account is fake

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It’s no secret that Instagram is plagued with fake accounts, bots, and impersonators. take a look at any comment section on any trending posts and you’ll see it flock with Thirst Trap and Crypto “Moguls., but are far more detailed mockup account there Who Has Mastered The Art Of Appearing Real On Social Networks, And It Can Be It’s hard to tell if they’re real-or not, and out to scam you,

most of these criminals provide some kind of “service” that requires you to place or deliver an order sensitive information, ranging from the more innocuous (your email address or phone number so they can add you to spam lists) to the potentially harmful (one factor two confirmation number or banking information), Some of these accounts have been created with such precision that conventional rules thumb – look on their profile pictures, check them out frequency of posts, consider them follower of the following ratio, and general Activity level on the app—Will not always help you identify the real from the fake, Luckily, there’s a better way to weed out these accounts.

markers of a fake instagram account

Feather instagram profileyou can tap on them Three point which opens a menu of options, do so, and choose To see “About this account” Three important data points that Instagram provides you. The first is “Date joined., Most fake accounts will be relatively new, as scammers tend to Create new accounts whenever they get caught, What constitutes as “new” will depend on the context of the account and what they are promoting. But if an account is less than a year old, it is likely Red flag.

The next important point is “account based” information. Video above from Instagrammer openiglu, shows you what to see here, If you’re looking for an account to rent in New York City, but it located in nigeria, well, ,Be aware that some scammers will Choose not to share account location in their settings, so check that as well, and be wary if anything else looks suspicious,

is the last detail to check “Former username” field, this is probably the most telling sub-wHile it is understandable that an account may have been created recently and may be valid, when you combine “date joined” with “former username”, you can get A clearer picture of the account holder’s history—because when a fraudster is caught as a counterfeit, change of username can be a Easy and quick solution to start fresh without completely starting over, if lying in any account more than a couple change, that’s another reason To be suspicious

while these three data can’t be a digit reveal decisively These are all factors in whether an account is fake or not Worth considering before you decide to rely on it with your data.

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