How to Stop Cat Poop and Urine in Your Garden – ‘Keeps Cats Away!’

“However, if you have a large garden you will have to spread a lot. Otherwise, they will outgrow the offending material.”

More of a weird hack, but according to expert Lion Poo works as a great cat deterrent. The gardening guru added: “Another hack is using lion poo to scare away cats. If they sense there is another cat around, they will move to a no-cat area.

Families can also purchase water and noise deterrents. Angela explained: “It’s always an option to install an automatic deterrent, such as a sprinkler system or high-pitched noise system.”

Cats hate water so gardeners can use it outdoors to keep them from getting dirty. Gardeners can also use a hose or spray bottle if they don’t want to spend the money on a sprinkler.

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