How to play ‘The Legend of Doom’ on Mac and PC

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I’ve always wanted Nintendo to remake the original legend of Zelda, Sacrilege I know, but there’s definitely room for a different take on the adventure classic that not only spawned a franchise, but inspired RPGs in the genre. while nes has no plans zelda Remake Anytime Soon, There’s a Way You Can Experience the Game From a Whole New Perspective—Literally: Now You Can Play the Entire Game a first-person perspective,

This is not what Nintendo is doing. This game is made entirely by fans by DeTwelve Games, which recreated the entire 1986 classic in three dimensions. It allows you to explore Hyrule from Link’s perspective, fighting enemies, obtaining items, and battling your way through all nine original dungeons, while looking straight ahead.

Seeing the map from this view is wild. Basically, your POV is limited to one screen-sized “square” at a time. Here, your vision expands as far as you can see, blocked only by enemies or real-world obstacles. While anyone can enjoy the game, it’s a special, vintage treat if you’re familiar with the original.

this is not the original remake of the legend of zelda-tthat game actually runs on the original Doom Yantra. so called the legend of doom, (It’s also that this game can exist without Nintendo’s lawyers losing their minds.) Only things “Apocalypse” About it is the view of your weapon at the bottom of the screen, some weapons design themselves, and of course, the first-person perspective. maybe a heavy metal zelda Will the soundtrack be in a future update?

the legend of doom

how to set up the legend of doom on your mac or pc

That’s why the legend of doom technically a Doom The mod isn’t its own game, so you’ll have to jump through some hoops to start playing. Setting up the whole thing can seem daunting at first, especially since there’s no good guide for it, but it really only involves a few steps to get playing.

First, you need to download the latest version of GZDoom on your computer. you will find it here (blue icon). Next, you’ll need a Doom Evade (basically, a Doom game file). you can pick up the original Doom Feather Steam either gogbut no Doom Evad will work here. Lastly, you need to download the latest version of the legend of doom Mod. At the time of writing, that version is 1.1.0, what you can find herebut check again Official Page Check to see if a new update is out.

How things proceed from here depends on your platform. If you’re using Windows, right-click the GZDoom zip in your download and extract all of the contents to a new folder. Do the same for Doom Brawl and the legend of doom file. if you bought Doom Through Steam or GOG, GZDoom should be able to find it automatically. Now, launch the legend of doomThen tell Windows that you want to use the GZDoom app.

If you’re on a Mac, it’s a bit more complicated. Open Finder, then select “Go” from the menu bar and hit “Go To Folder”. Type ~/Library/Application Support, then press Enter. Here, create a new folder named gzdoom. You’ll need to move the DOOM iism and the legend of doom File You may need to enter your password to continue. Now, unzip the GZDoom zip in your download. You can move it somewhere to clean things up, but you don’t need to. Now, launch the legend of doomAnd, if everything is in order, GZDoom should boot up immediately and launch the game.

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