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How to Get $400 Worth of Xbox Gift Cards at Costco for Only $320

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right now, costco is Selling Xbox gift cards for 20% off, and you can get up to $400 worth of them per member (or more if you have other authorized member on your subscription). This means you can get $400 worth of gift cards total out-Of-out of pocket cost Of $320 that you can use for anything Microsoft Store Online, including Windows laptops, xbox games peace, game, and Game Pass.

How to Get a $400 Xbox Gift Card for $320

from now until january 1stcostco is selling $100 Xbox Gift Card And $25 pack of four Both as digital downloads for $80 each. there is limit of two items per member, and you need log in to View full deal, Gift cards available”while supplies last,” which sounds like a strange phrase for a digital gift card, but wiOur Costco can even carry them in store. Non-members are able to purchase $25 four-pack gift cards online for an additional 5% surcharge, which works $200 worth of gift cards for $170. Digital gift card codes arrive by email “within hours,” according to Costco,

How to make the most of a deal

if you also have a family Member or friends authorized to use your membership, you can take it even further. because Transaction limit is per Membernot subscribed (you can read Terms and terms here), they can also get $400 worth of gift cards of their own. you can also Easily add them to your subscription to take advantage of deal.

you can think Xbox gift cards worth $400 are a bit high, bBut if you’ve been shopping for a new console, this might be the perfect time to pull the trigger.

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