How to effectively stop cats and foxes pooing in your garden and stop them returning

Matt explained: “Foxes and cats are more likely to move through gardens where they don’t feel safe, so sudden lights, noises and sensations should scare off unwanted guests and prevent your garden becoming a public toilet.

“Not only are motion-activated lights a good investment for your home’s security, but they easily keep foxes, cats and other pests at bay without harming the animal.

“Alternatively, sprinklers are a popular option for struggling gardeners. Cats are notoriously not a fan of water, so making sure your grass and flower beds are moist will deter them from toileting in your garden. Keep in mind that they can get used to certain methods, so gardeners may like to try a variety of tactics.

4. Eliminate Food Sources

According to the expert, one reason cats and foxes sniff around a garden is to “look for food”. So he suggests: “You have to remove bird feeders and make sure your bins are secure.

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